Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11/24/09: Howdy Stranger

Well.....I've been a bit of a ghost around here lately. The workouts have kinda been stalled as of late. So...instead of dwelling on the negative...I've been keeping current on my other blog instead.

I'm still going to physical therapy, once or twice a week. We'd tried getting me out and running, but I ended up hardly being able to walk for a couple of days. We started trying it again last week, and the pain is coming back, so we stopped.

If it wasn't for the fact my therapist really cares, and is trying to get things corrected, I'd just stop trying. I mean, I can live my life without running.

I'm still a healthy woman, I'm active....I can do almost anything I put my mind to. I just need to cross running off the list...right? :-) :-) :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

10/12/09 (Happy Columbus Day!) it begins. I had my first personal training session with Jeremy this morning before work. He really worked me out. Burned about 1000 calories, and it felt good!!!!

When I got the locker room, one of the ladies that is in there every am with me said "wow, he really worked you out today!!!"

We'd never talked before, so I must have looked like hell. :-) I told her that I asked for it, so I guess I couldn't complain too much. :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm back. I fell off the wagon. Fell hard. Still have some bruises actually. But, I went back to the gym today. It felt great. Why is it I can't muster motivation to do something that makes me feel good? I just don't understand. :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm here, I'm alive, I'm frustrated, but I'm getting back up on that horse.

Once I found out I couldn't run on anything but a treadmill, thus eliminating my chances of competing in 5 and 10K races, duathlons, etc.....well, I just gave up. All my motivation was gone.

It's been a number of weeks now.

I finally went to my doctor, and got a physical therapy prescription. My first PT session was Monday. I'm seeing my shoulder reconstruction physical therapist. He worked some miracles on my shoulder, hoping he can help with the legs now.

After a one hour sit down with him, I feel so much better...mentally. He said my weight had nothing to do with the's my calf muscle injury from last year...still reeking havoc. But he's confident he'll have me running outside soon!!!! I need to start getting my lazy butt out of bed before work in the am again. After three weeks, it's going to be hard!!!!! All low impact for me, for right now. Eliptical and lots of cycling. But, eventually, I'll be out there running with the rest of the crazy folk. :-)

I gained back all (and then some) of the weight I'd lost since June 22, when I started running. I'm really frustrated about it.....but am going to do something about it. Period. This roll of fat hanging over my waistband when I sit down is GOING AWAY!!!!

I am woman....hear me roar!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Friday before Labor Day weekend. 9 hours until freedom!!! :-)

I went to the gym this morning.

Big deal, right? It's Friday, nothing new there. But, I had the hardest time getting up. My weight has been going up up up....while my motivation and positive attitude has been going down down down.

I'm so ready to give up. I started all of this on June 22....and really have nothing to show for it. In total, I'm down like 4 pounds, max. After having lost more than that, then gained it back.

Here's my can I eat like a pig while sitting on the couch all day...and stay the same weight that I am when I'm eating less and working out regularly. What's the point???

Monday, August 31, 2009


Haven't posted here in a little while now. Mostly due to frustration of not being able to run off of a treadmill. Literally get shin splints after half a block of running. It's crazy. I run for 30 minutes every am on the treadmill, but get me off of it for 2 minutes, and I can't walk for a week.

Frustration doesn't begin to describe it.

But, having said that, I'm still going to the gym 3 times a week to run (walk/run really). I'm not losing weight, I'm not gaining weight. What's new there, eh? Also very frustrating!!!!!

So, for the reason I AM posting today. I went to the gym this morning, with as much motivation as I normally do on Monday mornings. Nothing new there. Took a little longer to get ready to go, and pick out what I was going to where for the day. Nothing new there either.

Got to the gym, same parking place, same locker, grabbed one of the empty treadmills, and started up. Nothing new.

After my 5 minute warm up walk, I thought I'd just walk for my 30 minutes, and see what the calorie burning difference would be. I mean, why kill myself if I can accomplish the same thing walking....right? Plus, since I can't run outside, I'm not in the running (no pun intended) for a 5 or 10K anymore.

For some reason, though, I started running like I normally do. After my 3 minutes of running......well, this is where things changed. I just kept running. I ran 5 minutes, but kept going....I ran 10 minutes, and kept going....I ran 13 minutes...and stopped. Once I started picking a time I wanted to motivation puttered out. Damn!!! As long as I was running and didn't know when I was going to stop, I was OK. When I picked a goal, I fell short. What's with that folks? Gotta be some Freud stuff there, eh? :-)

So anyway....I walked a few minutes, than ran 3 more. So, I technically only ran 16 minutes today...but that's 4 minutes longer than usual...and most of it was all in one shot.

I can really see how people just run....and run...and run. As long as you don't have that timer in front of you, telling you how long you you've been going. I'm envious of those that can put on a pair of shoes, walk out their front door, and just go.

Maybe it's my weight that's giving me issues? And I know that treadmills cushion your running, I get that. But is it THAT much?? Do I run differently on the pavement....faster, harder steps???

We have to take out Jeep in tomorrow for transmission work. Depending on how much that will cost, depends on whether I'm able to sign up for the personal training sessions I'd like to get. I need to start cross training....I need to get some weight training in. Becci, who cuts my hair, is training for a half marathon....and man does she look good. I mean, she looked good before....I'd kill for her pre-trianing body.....but's really toned her up. I'm completely and totally jealous...and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

The person in the chair next to me, getting her hair cut, just reached her weight watchers goal. And now, she has to maintain it for so long......and she'll have a lifetime membership. If it wasn't for having to carry around those stupid books, weight watchers might be an option???

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's been a while since my last post. With having to travel to New Mexico for grandpa's has just kinda gotten away from me. I did spend an hour on the treadmill while I was down there...yeah me!

And I've been to the gym two of my three times this week. So I'm getting back on track.

As for's the same ole same ole. Lose 2 pounds, gain a pound, lose a pound, gain 3. No rhyme or rhythm to it. Very frustrating!!!!!

I'm run/walking 2 miles three times a week. Need to step it up a little. I've recently came into some extra money, so I might invest in some personal training sessions, to get me into weight training more. And, maybe even look at getting a bike trainer so I can ride my bike at home. I need to get into biking shape.....and starting on the trainer should help.

Maybe, if I have enough energy left after work tonight, I'll head out on a ride after dinner. I keep hoping Mot will want to start joining me...but pretty sure he won't. It's supposed to be soooo nice out the next couple of days!!!! I need to get outside and enjoy it a little more.

Do some work outside the house. Get that gazebo enclosed into a shed. Work on the front flower bed. Get some grass seed planted in the middle of the side lot...where it's all dying for some strange reason.

All of these things are good for my health...and they need done. Two birds, one stone. Right????

Monday, August 10, 2009


Back at it. I missed one day last week.....for no other reason than the fact I had other things to do Saturday am.

Bad Nej!

I have, though, ditched the podrunner intervals for now. I can't run on the ground, without treadmill...or I get serious shin running in an actual 5 and 10K is probably out for now.

So....I'm just doing intervals. Run 3 minutes, walk 2, run 3 minutes, walk 3....etc.

I was sweating like a pig, raising my heart rate...and got in a good workout. Period. :-)

And, to make the day more interesting...I did get to set my Nike iSport thing. Spent half of the workout calibrating I can't wait to use it on Wednesday...and compare the mileage to what the treadmill says I'm doing. Wouldn't mind taking it outside to try it on land....but that will have to wait. :-)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ugh! What a crappy morning.

1) my grandpa passed away yesterday
2) I had the strangest dream

By the time I got to the gym this morning, I just wasn't in the mood. I contemplated not going at all....but I'd already not gone 2 days in a row...if I missed another, I'd be in trouble.

So....I walked the warm up....then ran the first 5 minute interval....then walked the rest. I just didn't have it in me. That first 5 minutes about did me in. :-(

Still ran/walked 2 that's 2 miles I wouldn't have done had I stayed in bed. 400 calories I wouldn't have burned...right?

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well....I'm back at it again today. After trying on those shoes last Thursday at the running store, I could barely walk up and down stairs on Friday and Saturday. The pain on the inside of my calf was horrible!!

Won't be buying those shoes. :-) :-)

We went back to the store to try on the others they suggested (but didn't have my size that night). I bought them, and used them the first time this morning.

I can tell that they are changing the way I need to use them a few more times to know for sure if they will work.

I started the week 5 program over again today. I'm going to do day 1 of the week 5 program all three days this week. I'm not going to be as aggressive as the program is asking. I'm not training to win any races, I'm just running to lose I have the flexibility to take it a little slower.

Need to start doing some weight training. Guess I need to start getting up on my 2 off weekdays and doing it then. Getting ready for work at the gym...5 days a week....yuck. But...oh well! :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well.....I kinda feel like I let myself down today, a little. Probably being too hard on's been known to happen before. :-)

Today's run was supposed to be as follows....

5 min warm up
8 min run
5 min walk
8 min run
3 min cool down

I was going along great....until that darned second 8 minutes. I actually started to get cold and clammy. And my vision was getting a little wobbly. I tried to fight through it, but went back to a walk after 5 minutes. Walked for 1 minute, then finished the last 3 minutes feeling a little better, but not much.

I think I'll repeat this one again on Saturday. I'm supposed to do a 20 minute run...with no walking....but if I can't make it through 8 minute sets, then I don't know.

Although, after the first 8, I felt as though I had more umph. Maybe I should have kept going to see how far that umph would take me. I'm wondering if that 5 minute walk in between runs is what is killing me??

Is that possible?

Stupid scale still says I gained 3 pounds from Tues to Wed....ridiculous!!!!

My OCD wants me to just do the next workout - the 20 minute run....or I'll be off on my weeks. It's already bugging me that I had to repeat week 2. Running for 6 weeks, but am on week 5 of the program.

What happens when I finish the 10 weeks? What keeps me going??

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Had an appointment with my personal trainer last night. Just to do a little catching up, since I started at the gym.

Down 9.4% body fat....increased 4.3% lean muscle.

I'm not keen on their scale. I mean, it shows that I lost weight, just like the one at home. But the one at the gym lists my starting weight, and current weight, so much higher than at home.

Granted, I'm wearing shoes and workout gear when I weigh in at the gym.

Not, 12 pounds of workout gear though. :-(

We talked about my running, and how it's going. All of the weight loss and muscle gain is from the last 5 or 6 weeks.

I admitted that I haven't been doing any weight training....and she gave me that look.

You know the one.

We dug out the sheet she made up for me when I joined the gym. Went over the exercises with me again to refresh my memory....and told me to get it in gear. :-)

Starting the weight training is another mental hurdle I have to go over. I go to the gym before work, 3 times a week. The other two weekday mornings, I get to sleep in that extra 1.5 hours.

I need to start doing weights on those 2 days. But, I just don't think it's going to happen right now.

Like I said, it's all mental. I'm doing great getting up and staying consistent for 3 days a week. I'm going to get myself through this First day to 5K program....then think about adding days.

It's what I originally told I'm sticking with it.

Obviously this running thing is doing the trick, and I don't want to add those extra two days and burn myself out on going to the gym.

I need it to be more of a habit first.

Maybe I just need to go to the gym a few minutes earlier on those 3 days....and do both the cardio and the weights all at the same time??

It would mean getting up that much earlier.....but, I might just be able to make that work.

Still thinking about it all......I'll let you know what I decide. :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009


Went out last night with the boys to see one of my favorite local musicians Roxi Copland. And didn't get to bed until 11:00 (and who knows what time I actually finally fell asleep).

So.....getting up this morning was a battle of will.

I'd slept in yesterday, and was really really lazy all it should have been easy.

It wasn't.

I kept hitting the snooze....and finally guilted myself into getting up.

If anything, getting myself up and to the gym this morning feels like more of an accomplishment, than doing the actual working out.

I've said it before, working out and losing weight is almost 100% mental.

Once you make up your mind that it's something you have to do, like paying bills and going to work....then it's so much easier.

I don't enjoy it...but I know I need to do it.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


Week 4 program complete. Week 5 program scares me!!!

Each day is different, instead of it being 3 days of the same thing.

And, it seems, week 5 is where this messing around ends. Intervals be d*mned.

Oh yes, day 1 seems very safe, and un-scary.

Day 2, just a little bit more. Unassuming.

Then day 3......intervals are gone....gone, gone, gone. No more 3 min run, 1 minute walk, 5 minute run, 3 min walk crap.

Oh no!!! Let's warm up for 5 minutes...



TWENTY minutes...non stop running!!!

Who are they kidding????

The sets of 5 minutes are all I can do to finish them. What the h*ll am I going to do with 20 minutes of running?????


oh well.....I'll worry about that later this week. For now, I'm going to celebrate making it through week 4 of this 10 week program.

Granted, it's actually week 5 of running consistently.....I had to repeat week 2 due to scheduling conflicts, and OCD tendencies. :-) :-) :-)

5 weeks of running. Almost 9 pounds down.

I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

I don't feel any different, and I'm not seeing a difference in the way my clothes fit.

But, I am seeing a difference in the way my legs look.

Baby steps, I'm OK with that.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, I was bad yesterday....I slept in. Shut off my alarm when it started going off....just couldn't get up.

But, today I did. Sleeping in one day makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get out of bed early the next day. No wonder it's so easy to slip back into laziness after missing just one day!!!!

So, this week will be Monday/Thursday/Saturday.

My 3 min run, walk, 5 min run, walk, 3 min run, walk, 5 min run walk....went really well today actually.

Getting more and more used to running on the treadmill. I can actually watch the TV when running....even if it's not dead center in front of me.

My gait was much more relaxed today. It almost felt as if I was just jogging....but have the treadmill set to the same speed as normal. And, the running was so much easier.

Hope I can find that "spot" it made the run so much better today!!!!

So......I lost 8 pounds in the last month, then gained 4 of them back this last weekend. Road trip to Texas to see grandpa.

But, two of those pounds are gone I"m hoping it was just water weight.....from sitting in a car for 24 hours over the course of 2.5 days. Lots of Mt. Dew to stay awake. :-)

It will be nice to go to the gym on Saturday, and not have to worry about showering there to get ready for work.

I still can't believe how much I'm not hating getting ready for work there. I mean, I'd much rather be at home....but I'm getting used to it. I have a routine. There are the same 2 or 3 other people in the locker room when I am.

It's actually just not that bad at all. :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009


First day of the 4th week training program. Went from running 9 minutes total, to 15 minutes.

(warm up, 3 minutes, walk, 5 minutes, walk, 3 minutes, walk, 5 minutes, cool down)

I didn't know what the program was, until I checked it online before leaving for the gym.

I thought 3 minutes at a time was going to kill me last week...and they wanted to bump it up to 5 minutes this week???

Crazily enough, it actually wasn't that bad at all.

I almost didn't get out of bed this morning. It would have been soooo easy to just stay in bed, and sleep that extra hour.

I gained back almost 4 pounds of what I'd lost.....over the weekend? That can't be right??

Can it???

I didn't eat the best, but I didn't eat THAT much.

Sitting in a car for 24 hours this weekend was really not cool. But....was it THAT uncool???

Maybe there are "womanly" factors...and it's just water weight? Man, I really hope so. :-(

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ahhhh....this week is complete. My third morning of running is behind me.

I'm afraid to look and see what next week's program is going to bring. :-(

I'm so happy that I'm sticking with this. I'm surprising myself, that's for sure!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I emailed my shoulder physical therapist and asked about the pain on the inside of my lower leg. He said it could still fall into the category of "shin splint." So now I need to talk to my doctor and/or see if I have to get referral for PT...and running analysis.

My run today was good. This is the second day of the 3rd week workout. Periods of both 90 second and 3 minute running intervals. 3 minutes at a time. Sheesh!!!

The first interval of 3 minutes was actually pretty easy, the second one blew goats. :-)

It was hard getting up this morning, but mainly because Tom was home. And he said he'd go with me. And then he didn't. But darn it, I plan on sticking with this. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I just have to get it done...make it habit. That's all there is to it. :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Monday the 13th. :-)

There is something to be said for this running stuff. I'm down another pound!!!! I'm usually not a person to track progress by weight...but my clothes aren't feeling any different yet. So...we'll stick with weight for now. :-)

Because I was at the gym Saturday am, I saw my trainer. Stopped by to say hi to her. She was so excited to see me (she doesn't work early am shifts)....and said she could see big changes in the way I looked. I'm not convinced though. :-)

I'm still feeling pain in my lower legs...but it's not in the front of my's on the insides. Makes me wonder if I don't have foot issues that need addressed. My arches don't appear to be fallen or anything, but that doesn't mean they still might not be out of whack. Think I'll call the doc and make an appt. Maybe she can refer me to a person that does running evals?? I know my shoulder physical therapist I'll ask to go there if I can.

Today was the first time running the 3rd week of the program. (even though this is the 4th week of running) Intervals of running 90 seconds, then walk, then run 3 minutes, walk, 90 seconds, walk...etc, etc.

3 FRIGGIN' MINUTES!!! Ugh!!! But, I handled it like a champ today I think.

I also think I need to start wearing a headband of some dorky as it looks. I'm sick of the sweet dripping in my eyes!!! :-)

Oh, and on a positive note, I found my heart monitor watch!!!!!!! :-)

Friday, July 10, 2009


So far to date, yesterday was the most difficult day to get up and work out yet.

Then, while running, I started to feel those first pains that tell me shin splints are soon to follow.

Frustration is an understatement right now.

But....I'm still getting up tomorrow am to make my 3 times this week. It's a Saturday, but that's the price I pay for staying up late Sunday and not working out on Monday. Plain and simple.

I'm really nervous about the workout next week though. Running for 3 minutes at a time. Ugh! It's amazing how out of shape I really am.

Yesterday, while running, I was getting bummed about the pain I was starting to feel.

My polar heart monitor watch is missing, gone forever....and I think that has me bummed out. I bought it for myself when I started working out last year.....on my birthday. It's not like I can't replace it or anything. It's just that it signified something. Kinda like losing a wedding ring. You can always replace it....but.....

So anyway, as I'm running, I start thinking about how easy it would be to hit the locker room early.

Ugh!!! Can't let those thoughts in, have to keep positive. Keep my eye on the prize, so to speak.

So, I thought about my last weigh in, and subtracted 1 pound. And then started repeating over and over (in my head, not out loud) that goal number.

Over, and over, and over.

I made it through the rest of the workout doing that.

Then, on the way to the locker room, I kept thinking "good for you, you did it, you didn't give up."

Sounds corny, I know....but it's amazing how mental this whole thing is!!!!!

When I weighed myself this morning, that goal number I kept repeating over and sweat was dripping in my eyes....appeared on the digital read out. I'm not celebrating yet, I mean, I have about 25 more pounds to go (at least).

But...I did let a little smile slip out. :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Back at it. I'll do week 2 workouts all week this week. (Even though I did one day of it last week)

Running for 90 seconds at a time, in intervals was easier this time than last Wednesday. But not looking forward to the 3 minutes at a time next week. (I peeked ahead.)


There were more people in the locker room this morning, but I was running early. I usually get up in time to do some laundry before I head out, and I didn't do any this morning.

I don't weigh any less....but I'm kinda sorta starting to feel my clothes fitting differently. Maybe a smidge more loose than they were. But not much. Only working out 3 days a I can't expect huge things.

But I feel better. Much better. Feel like there's more spring in my step if nothing else. :-)

I lost my heart monitor watch. I know I had it here at work on Wednesday to enter my workout. But now I can't find it. Did I leave it here and someone took it? Did it fall out of my bag, or out of my hands at some point? I'm bummed. :-(

Monday, July 6, 2009


Well...I went and was stupid on Thursday night last week....drank way too much tequila, and then was hungover on Friday morning. No way I was walking to the living room, let alone running. (sigh)

With family in town this weekend, it was a pretty lazy time. I got out on my bike a little, walked a little.....and kayaked for a number of hours on Sunday. Kayaking is allot of shoulders, core and endurance....but it's not really a heart pumping activity. (per se)

Then, since I got home so late last night, I didn't get up to run this morning.

Actually, I got up....but I went back to bed. I'm still bushed right now! :-(

My three days this week will have to be Tues/Thurs/Sat.

I've been looking into running clubs in Omaha, since my aunt was talking about being in one in St. Louis. She seems to really get allot of motivation from them. But...I'm sure it's running outside, and I just don't want to risk shin splints again. I'll stick with the podrunner intervals couch to 5K program...and stick with the treadmill for now.

Once I get to running a little better, I'll try running outside.

My physical therapist for my shoulder surgery also does running I might have to look into that to see what's wrong, and why I keep getting shin splints. We'll see what happens.

I figure I'll keep running inside on the treadmill for a month....then in August try running outside and see what happens. :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Week 2, Day 2

(But since I forgot to download week 2 on my iPod for Monday, it's actually Week 2 Day 1 of the new running program.)


Actually, it wasn't that bad. Week 1 was 60 seconds bouts of running....week 2 is 90 seconds. Not too bad really. I had to mentally talk myself through the last set though......that one was hard.

I peeked at week 3.....there are 3 MINUTE periods of running!! How fair is that? Go from 90 seconds one week to 3 minutes the next????? What sadistic person came up with this training schedule?? :-)

I was almost starting to feel the first itchings of shin splints this morning....but I feel fine now. Need to find new stretches specifically geared to keep them away. Must spend some time with google this afternoon!!! :-0

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm mulling it over. Thinking about getting my fat a$$ in shape and registering for one. Mid September.


Monday, June 29, 2009


Day 1, Week 2

Getting up was fairly easy....but the running part was pretty tough.

After driving to Des Moines and spending all morning on the water for the triathlon yesterday, I almost didn't make it home. I was sooo tired!

I forgot to download week 2 of the 5k running program on my I did another day of week 1. My OCD brain is screaming about it. :-) :-)

Friday, June 26, 2009


I did it!!! I made it through week 1!!!!!

I got up three time this week and ran before work. The running part is getting easier....the getting up part is getting harder. :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Day 2.

I got up again this morning, relatively easily. For some reason, right now, I'm having an easy time wrapping my head around the fact that I need to get my arse out of bed in the morning and workout. It's the only way getting healthy and losing weight is going to happen, with my schedule right now. I guess, once you decide it's just what you have to do, and there's no other option, then it's easy to get yourself up.

I guess it's like going to work. I don't want to go, I hate going, but that mortgage payment keeps tapping me on the shoulder. Same thing with the workout....dying, heart disease, and going up and up in jean's sizes keeps giving me the stink eye. :-)

It was a little tougher going, once I got to the treadmill, than it was on Monday. Although.....the two previous times I've done the week 1 workout, I walked through one of the running intervals. Today, I ran them all. Didn't hesitate and didn't slow down.

I'm pretty confident I could run more than the intervals have me running...but I'm determined to do this right. No shin splints, torn calf muscles, or burn out for me this time!!!!

The corporate cup run in Omaha is this September. Would love to run (run/walk, who am I kidding?) the event this year!!! A group of us walked the full 10k...I used taking pictures of our company runners as an excuse...but really, I just didn't want to walk the 2 mile course. It seemed like a cop out, in a way.

I would LOVE to run (run/walk?) the event this year. I'd like to do it in a respectable time. Showing people what I can do is a good motivator....and showing myself what I can do really does the trick! :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Holy Hell !!!

I stopped and got a Jimmy John's sub last night. Sub sandwich.

Nothing fried, dipped, or drenched. Nothing candy coated or covered in chocolate.

Jimmy Johns….#9 sandwich.

Genoa salami, capicola, ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo & vinaigrette.

Just under 1000 calories.

1000 calories!!!!!!!!!

Pardon me while I go purge.

OK, well, maybe not...but still. Holy sh*t!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome Back Kotter

Well....I'm back. It's been a long time coming, but it feels good.

Working out in the evenings just isn't going to work. I try and I try....but my evenings are always so darned full. And the nights they aren't full, are so rare, that I want to be home to enjoy them. Not at the gym working out.

So, this morning I did it. I worked out before work. I sweated my life away...then showered at the gym.


You know...if it wasn't for the humidity in the locker really wasn't that bad. I took flip flops to wear in the shower....I took one of those wrap around towel things that Velcro at the I didn't have to worry about trying to cover up with the 1 x 1 towels they give you there. :-)

When I got into the locker room, there were two people getting ready for work...and they were gone when I got out of the shower...then one other lady showed up. wasn't horribly busy. That was nice.

I'm starting a couch to 5K running program I found on Podrunner. I loaded the first week's workout onto my iPod and off I went.

When I've tried to run before, I always start out too hard. And end up hurting myself. Getting shin splints, shredding calf muscles. Ugh!!!

So, I'm going to do it right this time.

As I was working out today, I felt like a little bit of a slacker...since it has me mostly walking...with intervals of running. But, I can still walk when I leave the gym, and don't wake up in pain the next maybe slow and steady is the way to go?? :-) :-)

I ate horribly this weekend, while is Des Moines with Mel and Sheila.....but turned it back around yesterday.

The one thing I really don't like about working out in the am, is that I can't make my smoothie those days. Unless I bring all the stuff here, and make them here. And that's not going to happen. :-) So, instead, I bought some whole wheat bagels and light cream cheese to eat here on the days I work out.

I'm going to start doing this only 3 times a I don't get burnt out. Then, I'll increase when I get more into a routine about it. This has GOT TO stick this time. I can't STAND being so darned embarrassed when in my swim suit while out kayaking!!!!!!! This has got to end!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

03/11/09 Thought

Didn't work out last night. I got changed into work out clothes, and was then drawn to the couch with hubby. Drat!!!

Going tonight, and that's all there is to it!! :-)

Just barely reached my calorie goal for yesterday. But went over on my fat intake.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

03/10/09 Thoughts

Hmmmm.....well, I went to spin class again last night. Second week in a row. Last night was much easier. I still sweat my ass off, and burned a bunch of calories....but this week I tired going a little less full on gung ho. I about killed myself last week.

I have a hard time realizing I can start with less tension, and work up to higher levels...without killing myself!!! :-)

Hubby mentioned wanting to join the gym I go to near work. I don't' know if I'll be able to talk him into going tonight or not. I guess if I don't, I can always use the treadmill at home.

It's soooo hard working out when he's home though. Ugh! I always chose sitting on the couch next to him over sweating to death downstairs. Drat. :-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

03/09/09 Thoughts you see that weight loss tracker to the right there????

See it? ----------------------------->

Yep, down 4 pounds last week. It was actually more than that on Friday...but my weekend eating (specifically Friday and Saturday dinners) weren't so good.

Danny and Steve brought over pizza Friday night, and I had 3 pieces while playing Danny made this dessert that I had to try. Quite tasty. :-)

Then, mom took me out for dinner Saturday night before the game. I noticed I'm not eating enough protein (go figure - meat and potatoes girl isn't eating enough meat) I ordered a steak, plain mashed potatoes and black beans. (and drank water)

It's misty and foggy outside right now...but they say it's supposed to make it up to 50 degrees. Depending on what the weather looks like (I have no rain gear), I might take a walk over lunch again today. Not only did I eat bad, but I didn't work out at all this weekend.

(unless you call cleaning out and reorganizing that breezeway of ours a workout - I don't)

Besides my weight, none of my measurements really changed this week.

I did, however, find three pairs of pants this the sale rack at our favorite outdoor outfitter store...and they all they should. I mean, usually, all size 12 fit so differently...but all three I took into the changing room with me fit. All three were different brands and different styles.

At least I now have some clothes to wear that I feel comfy in. I'm sick of wearing my black slacks to work all the time.

Friday, March 6, 2009

03/06/09 Thoughts

Tried to take the new bike out last night. Didn't work out, but we tried.

I did, however, walk for 45 minutes (2.4 miles) on the Papio Trail that runs through town, and near work.

So, at least I accomplished something active yesterday. Even if it did make me hot and sweaty feeling at work all afternoon. :-) :-)

OK.....each day, the curiosity gets stronger and stronger. I keep going against myself....getting on the scale daily, instead of once a week, like I've done for the last two months.

Down again though....175.8.

I know the weight loss this week is a fluke. But I will say, it's been good for my spirits.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

03/05/09 Thoughts I made an appt with my personal trainer at the gym close to work. She caught me walking around Monday night, and said we needed to catch up and redo my measurements. See where I was at and if I had any questions.

Appt was for 6:30, and she wanted to get together BEFORE I worked out. So, I went home, ate...then headed back to the gym. Got there at about 6:25. I'll bring a book most times and read it while peddling a bike and walking on the I took it to the waiting area of the gym.

Figured I could read for 5 minutes or so and let her finish up with her client.

At 6:45 I got pissed.....and went upstairs to work out. I saw her wandering around on the floor with her client until about 7:00...then never did see her again.

Good thing she's pregnant and perhaps suffering from pregnancy was the only way for me to think about it, and not be mad.

On a good note, I spent 30 minutes on the recumbent bike (in random hill mode), and 30 minutes on the treadmill. 736 calories burned.

I couldn't help myself, I snuck on the scale again this morning....more morbid curiosity.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

03/04/09 Thoughts

Well, I didn't work out last night. I'd forgotten to sit down and pay bills this weekend, and thought I'd better get it done before people started calling. :-)

I weighed myself this morning, just to see what was happening, out of morbid curiosity more than anything. I'd stayed the same weight after two months of eating well and going to the gym 4-5 times a week. So I wanted to see what not working out for 2 weeks was going to do. It went up a couple pounds.....but today it was back down to where I've been sitting consistently for the last three years, no matter what I do or don't do.

Most people would probably celebrate a 2 pound weight loss in three days, but I know better. I will stay at that 176-178 range now, matter what I do. It's where my body wants to be.

(the going out Saturday night, eating badly and drinking my weight in martinis is the explanation for the 2 pound gain)

I don't want to become a person so fixated on weight they get depressed, and edge towards OCD. I just want to see results for my hard work. Be it weight loss, my clothes fitting better, more energy....SOMETHING!!!!!

I have an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym right by work.....a followup. We met when I first started going there the 2nd of I know she wants to see how I'm doing.

I can't wait until she sees my numbers are the same. Ugh! :-(

Monday, March 2, 2009

Too Few Calories?

As I was entering the food I ate today on Gyminee today...I noticed that the goal I set for myself is 1400-1600 per day.

I had to eat a bowl of cereal when I got home from the gym tonight, to take myself into that range.

Can someone eat too few calories??

Today was a very typical day. I have days where I eat more, days where I'm just so much more hungry, days when my body just isn't satisfied. But I also have days where I'm busy, and I eat less. Today was pretty darn normal.

I'd never thought about the possibility of eating too few calories. It'd never crossed my mind. But something that was said on the Biggest Loser a few weeks ago got me thinking.

Everything they do on that show is 10 times real life. But still....I can take those things they learn, and relate them to my life. If they can eat to few calories, why can't I? If it's bad for them, why can't it be bad for me?

I'm really going to have to stick with it, and track my food. I'm curious.

If I went two months eating under the number of calories I should be could explain why I wasn't seeing results????

New Website

I found this website today.


It's actually pretty much what I've been looking for, for quite some time. You can put everything on it. Weight, body measurements, what you eat, what workouts you've done. There are groups to join. Lose 5 pounds, Ride 100 miles, walk the AT, run a marathon...etc, etc.

There are forums and you can gain GymBuddies. People who provide support and motivation (and you can supply motivation to them) via the site.

March 2nd

OK, I've pouted long enough. It begins today.


Friday, February 27, 2009

February 2009

I hit rock bottom mentally. Not being able to lose any weight (or inches) was killing me. I was pushing myself at the gym....scrutinizing every bite......and nothing!


I went into a depression.....I cried all the work and at home.

For two weeks now, I haven't been to the gym...I haven't worked out...and I've been eating horribly.

You know what, I've gained no weight.

Is it too much to ask that I see some results for all my hard work?

In the beginning.....

....I was what everyone women hated. I was the chick that could eat as much or as little as she wanted...and not gain (or lose) a pound.

I could sit on my ass, or never sit change.

After getting married (and finding out that birth control pills give me migraines), I switched to the Depo Provera birth control shots. Every three months, I would go to the doctor's office and they'd give me a shot. No muss, no fuss.

My doctor warned I would gain weight right off the bat. "The average patient can expect to gain as much as 10 pounds the first 3-6 months."

OK....well, I'll just start working out more, and eating less to balance it out...right?


In the first three months I went from a size 6 to a size 8. (gulp)
In the second three months I went from a size 8 to a size 12. (double gulp)
In the third three months I went from a size 12 to a size 16!!! (&#&#%^^@*%)

On the appointment for the fourth shot, I talked to my doctor. I was in denial...but the minute she saw me, I could see it in her eyes. It was that "holy shit" look.

I didn't know what to do, and broke down crying in her office. I'm eating better, eating less, and staying active...what the heck is wrong with me?

Suffice it to say, I didn't get the 4th shot.

I'll spare you the details, but let's just say the weight gain wasn't the only side effect I was suffering from. (sigh)

After I stopped getting the shot, I went up again to a size 18...but REFUSED to buy size 18 clothes. I resorted to sweat pants and other clothing with elastic waist bands......sweatshirts......and the biggest t shirts I could find.

The gain leveled off there, and never got any worse.

But, for 7 years I tried to get some of the weight off, with no luck. I was right back to where I started in the beginning. Able to eat everything and gain nothing, able to eat nothing and not lose. I could sit, I could change.

In 2006, I had reconstructive surgery on my shoulder. For 4-5 months after the surgery I couldn't do anything. And, I was depressed about it. I ate everything I could get my hands on, and never left my couch, unless it was to go to work.

I lost weight!!!!!

I was eating like a pig, and as sedentary as they come, and I lost weight. I went down to almost a size 10 (from an 18). What the hell is up with that???

The minute I stopped taking the pain pills I needed to get me through physical therapy, was the minute the weight loss stopped. Stopped dead in it's tracks.

Now, in February of 2009 (almost three years later)...I'm still almost a 10. My weight is the same and my clothes fit the same.

I keep my calorie intake between 1400-1600. I work out a minimum of three times a week (but usually 4 or 5)...for an hour at a time minimum. I've done boot camps, I drink my water, I take my multivitamins.


In every life, you will find a defining moment. A turning point. A detour on that road they call life.

How we deal with those detours is up to us. How we react, recoup, and re-evaluate is in no ones hands but our own.

This blog is here for me, and me alone. Although, visitors and friends are always welcome!!!!

I created it to talk about one thing in particular. I don't want to bore the readers of my other blog, so I brought it here. Most (many, all...) won't find their way onto it. And those that do probably won't return.

I'm not trying to win awards, entertain the masses, or get a point across. I'm just trying to be me. Regular old me, dealing with regular old weight gain. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting.....

Here's my weight gain story, in a nutshell. The beginning of the story, and what has happened since.