Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well.....I kinda feel like I let myself down today, a little. Probably being too hard on's been known to happen before. :-)

Today's run was supposed to be as follows....

5 min warm up
8 min run
5 min walk
8 min run
3 min cool down

I was going along great....until that darned second 8 minutes. I actually started to get cold and clammy. And my vision was getting a little wobbly. I tried to fight through it, but went back to a walk after 5 minutes. Walked for 1 minute, then finished the last 3 minutes feeling a little better, but not much.

I think I'll repeat this one again on Saturday. I'm supposed to do a 20 minute run...with no walking....but if I can't make it through 8 minute sets, then I don't know.

Although, after the first 8, I felt as though I had more umph. Maybe I should have kept going to see how far that umph would take me. I'm wondering if that 5 minute walk in between runs is what is killing me??

Is that possible?

Stupid scale still says I gained 3 pounds from Tues to Wed....ridiculous!!!!

My OCD wants me to just do the next workout - the 20 minute run....or I'll be off on my weeks. It's already bugging me that I had to repeat week 2. Running for 6 weeks, but am on week 5 of the program.

What happens when I finish the 10 weeks? What keeps me going??

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