Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Back at it. I'll do week 2 workouts all week this week. (Even though I did one day of it last week)

Running for 90 seconds at a time, in intervals was easier this time than last Wednesday. But not looking forward to the 3 minutes at a time next week. (I peeked ahead.)


There were more people in the locker room this morning, but I was running early. I usually get up in time to do some laundry before I head out, and I didn't do any this morning.

I don't weigh any less....but I'm kinda sorta starting to feel my clothes fitting differently. Maybe a smidge more loose than they were. But not much. Only working out 3 days a I can't expect huge things.

But I feel better. Much better. Feel like there's more spring in my step if nothing else. :-)

I lost my heart monitor watch. I know I had it here at work on Wednesday to enter my workout. But now I can't find it. Did I leave it here and someone took it? Did it fall out of my bag, or out of my hands at some point? I'm bummed. :-(

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