Monday, July 6, 2009


Well...I went and was stupid on Thursday night last week....drank way too much tequila, and then was hungover on Friday morning. No way I was walking to the living room, let alone running. (sigh)

With family in town this weekend, it was a pretty lazy time. I got out on my bike a little, walked a little.....and kayaked for a number of hours on Sunday. Kayaking is allot of shoulders, core and endurance....but it's not really a heart pumping activity. (per se)

Then, since I got home so late last night, I didn't get up to run this morning.

Actually, I got up....but I went back to bed. I'm still bushed right now! :-(

My three days this week will have to be Tues/Thurs/Sat.

I've been looking into running clubs in Omaha, since my aunt was talking about being in one in St. Louis. She seems to really get allot of motivation from them. But...I'm sure it's running outside, and I just don't want to risk shin splints again. I'll stick with the podrunner intervals couch to 5K program...and stick with the treadmill for now.

Once I get to running a little better, I'll try running outside.

My physical therapist for my shoulder surgery also does running I might have to look into that to see what's wrong, and why I keep getting shin splints. We'll see what happens.

I figure I'll keep running inside on the treadmill for a month....then in August try running outside and see what happens. :-)

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