Wednesday, March 11, 2009

03/11/09 Thought

Didn't work out last night. I got changed into work out clothes, and was then drawn to the couch with hubby. Drat!!!

Going tonight, and that's all there is to it!! :-)

Just barely reached my calorie goal for yesterday. But went over on my fat intake.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

03/10/09 Thoughts

Hmmmm.....well, I went to spin class again last night. Second week in a row. Last night was much easier. I still sweat my ass off, and burned a bunch of calories....but this week I tired going a little less full on gung ho. I about killed myself last week.

I have a hard time realizing I can start with less tension, and work up to higher levels...without killing myself!!! :-)

Hubby mentioned wanting to join the gym I go to near work. I don't' know if I'll be able to talk him into going tonight or not. I guess if I don't, I can always use the treadmill at home.

It's soooo hard working out when he's home though. Ugh! I always chose sitting on the couch next to him over sweating to death downstairs. Drat. :-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

03/09/09 Thoughts you see that weight loss tracker to the right there????

See it? ----------------------------->

Yep, down 4 pounds last week. It was actually more than that on Friday...but my weekend eating (specifically Friday and Saturday dinners) weren't so good.

Danny and Steve brought over pizza Friday night, and I had 3 pieces while playing Danny made this dessert that I had to try. Quite tasty. :-)

Then, mom took me out for dinner Saturday night before the game. I noticed I'm not eating enough protein (go figure - meat and potatoes girl isn't eating enough meat) I ordered a steak, plain mashed potatoes and black beans. (and drank water)

It's misty and foggy outside right now...but they say it's supposed to make it up to 50 degrees. Depending on what the weather looks like (I have no rain gear), I might take a walk over lunch again today. Not only did I eat bad, but I didn't work out at all this weekend.

(unless you call cleaning out and reorganizing that breezeway of ours a workout - I don't)

Besides my weight, none of my measurements really changed this week.

I did, however, find three pairs of pants this the sale rack at our favorite outdoor outfitter store...and they all they should. I mean, usually, all size 12 fit so differently...but all three I took into the changing room with me fit. All three were different brands and different styles.

At least I now have some clothes to wear that I feel comfy in. I'm sick of wearing my black slacks to work all the time.

Friday, March 6, 2009

03/06/09 Thoughts

Tried to take the new bike out last night. Didn't work out, but we tried.

I did, however, walk for 45 minutes (2.4 miles) on the Papio Trail that runs through town, and near work.

So, at least I accomplished something active yesterday. Even if it did make me hot and sweaty feeling at work all afternoon. :-) :-)

OK.....each day, the curiosity gets stronger and stronger. I keep going against myself....getting on the scale daily, instead of once a week, like I've done for the last two months.

Down again though....175.8.

I know the weight loss this week is a fluke. But I will say, it's been good for my spirits.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

03/05/09 Thoughts I made an appt with my personal trainer at the gym close to work. She caught me walking around Monday night, and said we needed to catch up and redo my measurements. See where I was at and if I had any questions.

Appt was for 6:30, and she wanted to get together BEFORE I worked out. So, I went home, ate...then headed back to the gym. Got there at about 6:25. I'll bring a book most times and read it while peddling a bike and walking on the I took it to the waiting area of the gym.

Figured I could read for 5 minutes or so and let her finish up with her client.

At 6:45 I got pissed.....and went upstairs to work out. I saw her wandering around on the floor with her client until about 7:00...then never did see her again.

Good thing she's pregnant and perhaps suffering from pregnancy was the only way for me to think about it, and not be mad.

On a good note, I spent 30 minutes on the recumbent bike (in random hill mode), and 30 minutes on the treadmill. 736 calories burned.

I couldn't help myself, I snuck on the scale again this morning....more morbid curiosity.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

03/04/09 Thoughts

Well, I didn't work out last night. I'd forgotten to sit down and pay bills this weekend, and thought I'd better get it done before people started calling. :-)

I weighed myself this morning, just to see what was happening, out of morbid curiosity more than anything. I'd stayed the same weight after two months of eating well and going to the gym 4-5 times a week. So I wanted to see what not working out for 2 weeks was going to do. It went up a couple pounds.....but today it was back down to where I've been sitting consistently for the last three years, no matter what I do or don't do.

Most people would probably celebrate a 2 pound weight loss in three days, but I know better. I will stay at that 176-178 range now, matter what I do. It's where my body wants to be.

(the going out Saturday night, eating badly and drinking my weight in martinis is the explanation for the 2 pound gain)

I don't want to become a person so fixated on weight they get depressed, and edge towards OCD. I just want to see results for my hard work. Be it weight loss, my clothes fitting better, more energy....SOMETHING!!!!!

I have an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym right by work.....a followup. We met when I first started going there the 2nd of I know she wants to see how I'm doing.

I can't wait until she sees my numbers are the same. Ugh! :-(

Monday, March 2, 2009

Too Few Calories?

As I was entering the food I ate today on Gyminee today...I noticed that the goal I set for myself is 1400-1600 per day.

I had to eat a bowl of cereal when I got home from the gym tonight, to take myself into that range.

Can someone eat too few calories??

Today was a very typical day. I have days where I eat more, days where I'm just so much more hungry, days when my body just isn't satisfied. But I also have days where I'm busy, and I eat less. Today was pretty darn normal.

I'd never thought about the possibility of eating too few calories. It'd never crossed my mind. But something that was said on the Biggest Loser a few weeks ago got me thinking.

Everything they do on that show is 10 times real life. But still....I can take those things they learn, and relate them to my life. If they can eat to few calories, why can't I? If it's bad for them, why can't it be bad for me?

I'm really going to have to stick with it, and track my food. I'm curious.

If I went two months eating under the number of calories I should be could explain why I wasn't seeing results????

New Website

I found this website today.


It's actually pretty much what I've been looking for, for quite some time. You can put everything on it. Weight, body measurements, what you eat, what workouts you've done. There are groups to join. Lose 5 pounds, Ride 100 miles, walk the AT, run a marathon...etc, etc.

There are forums and you can gain GymBuddies. People who provide support and motivation (and you can supply motivation to them) via the site.

March 2nd

OK, I've pouted long enough. It begins today.