Monday, March 9, 2009

03/09/09 Thoughts you see that weight loss tracker to the right there????

See it? ----------------------------->

Yep, down 4 pounds last week. It was actually more than that on Friday...but my weekend eating (specifically Friday and Saturday dinners) weren't so good.

Danny and Steve brought over pizza Friday night, and I had 3 pieces while playing Danny made this dessert that I had to try. Quite tasty. :-)

Then, mom took me out for dinner Saturday night before the game. I noticed I'm not eating enough protein (go figure - meat and potatoes girl isn't eating enough meat) I ordered a steak, plain mashed potatoes and black beans. (and drank water)

It's misty and foggy outside right now...but they say it's supposed to make it up to 50 degrees. Depending on what the weather looks like (I have no rain gear), I might take a walk over lunch again today. Not only did I eat bad, but I didn't work out at all this weekend.

(unless you call cleaning out and reorganizing that breezeway of ours a workout - I don't)

Besides my weight, none of my measurements really changed this week.

I did, however, find three pairs of pants this the sale rack at our favorite outdoor outfitter store...and they all they should. I mean, usually, all size 12 fit so differently...but all three I took into the changing room with me fit. All three were different brands and different styles.

At least I now have some clothes to wear that I feel comfy in. I'm sick of wearing my black slacks to work all the time.

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