Monday, March 2, 2009

Too Few Calories?

As I was entering the food I ate today on Gyminee today...I noticed that the goal I set for myself is 1400-1600 per day.

I had to eat a bowl of cereal when I got home from the gym tonight, to take myself into that range.

Can someone eat too few calories??

Today was a very typical day. I have days where I eat more, days where I'm just so much more hungry, days when my body just isn't satisfied. But I also have days where I'm busy, and I eat less. Today was pretty darn normal.

I'd never thought about the possibility of eating too few calories. It'd never crossed my mind. But something that was said on the Biggest Loser a few weeks ago got me thinking.

Everything they do on that show is 10 times real life. But still....I can take those things they learn, and relate them to my life. If they can eat to few calories, why can't I? If it's bad for them, why can't it be bad for me?

I'm really going to have to stick with it, and track my food. I'm curious.

If I went two months eating under the number of calories I should be could explain why I wasn't seeing results????

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