Thursday, December 30, 2010

12/29 and 12/30 A little of this, a little of that

Met my sister at the gym on Wednesday am for some strength training. We found ourselves wandering around the weight machines area.....taking turns picking machines that worked different areas of the body. After an hour, we called it quits and left for work.

We were going to go running that night, but due to a change in plans we found ourselves at a spin class instead.

The instructor is the love child of Hitler, Freddy Kruger and Satan himself.

I can't list the number of ways she made me hurt, and the number of ways I found I could murder her...just by using objects in the cycle room. :-)

I got home at about 8:00, played with the dogs, ate a bowl of cereal, watched a quick episode of Bones...then headed off to bed.

At some point, Sam (our black lab pup - 80 lb pup - giggle) jumped up into bed with me....because I woke up laying across the pillows....jammed against the headboard.

Bed hog much, Sam???

It was 4:25 am, and my alarm was set to go off at I went ahead and got up.

I arrived at the gym to meet my sister. We grabbed our jackets and flashlights and headed out.

It was 48 FRIGGIN' DEGREES this morning......awesome!!!! And, in honor of the nice weather, we decided to run around the Lake, instead of dealing with the treadmills.

Fresh air rocks!!!! I'm addicted to it!

Anyway....the run was great. We probably walked as much as we ran.....chatted, laughed, sweat, stripped out of our jackets, chatted some more, laughed some more, oh yeah - we're supposed to be running......etc, etc.

Our average pace ended up being snail speed slow....but neither of us really cared. :-)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mind if I "tag" along???

Anna, over at Random Thoughts of a Wanna Be Runner, tagged me on her blog this Monday.

How exciting!!!!!

So...everyone knows the rules to these do what it tells you to do, then you tag others.

Since I'm quite possibly the shyest person in the world, I stink at the second part.

Who do I tag? Do they want to be tagged? Will they be annoyed with the tag? Will others be upset if I don't tag them?

How I'm not living in a padded cell is beyond me. (giggle)

So....I'm inviting anyone who reads this to join in on the fun!!!!

Back to the "doing what it says" part.

In this case, I'm supposed to answer some 'lets-get-to-know-a-little-about-our-running-blogger-friends-shall-we?' questions.

Here we go....

1) Most fond running accomplishment of 2010?

Running. That's my biggest accomplishment. I've gone through two years, two doctors, one specialist and three physical therapists to be able to do it. So running, in general, is a big thing for me. I had the worst case of incurable shin splints ever! No one could figure out the cause. I could run on a treadmill, but not anywhere else. I could run exactly 5.2 miles per hour on said treadmill, without any pain what-so-ever. If I hit 5.3, the pain was crazy. And, I could run about 2.5 miles or so.....much over that, and that same crazy pain would visit. They did MRI's, they gave me exercises to do, the analyzed my form, I rested and didn't run at all for over three months...yet nothing worked.

Until this spring.

Put me in a pair of compression socks, or sleeves, and watch me go! I might look a little goofy with them on, but I'm I don't care. :-)

I've been running outside, and loving it ever since. Every day I finish a run, I'm still in amazement of what I'm able to accomplish.

Well...maybe not every day. There are days I wonder why the heck I'm out there doing it...on purpose. :-)

2. What are your 2011 running goals?

To keep running.
To keep enjoying myself.
To run at least 3 or 4 more half marathons...and maybe, just maybe, get my butt in gear for a full.

3. Favorite race?

I haven't done too many of them. (goes along with my 2011 goal being "more races." )

The day I was finally able to run outside, pain free, I entered myself in a half marathon. It was May, and the half was in October. I spent the spring, summer, and fall training for that half.

I found a plan, stuck to it, and stayed very conservative. I didn't want to push myself too far, and end up back with the doctors and the specialists again. I took a 13 week training plan, and repeated each week for the first 8 or 9 weeks of that plan.

Instead of increasing my mileage every week, it then increased every other. I stuck to running the miles I was supposed to, and didn't pay much attention to speed, or increasing the speed I already had.

Not that I think I'm speedy...because I'm not. got me to the race in good health, and injury free.

Well, minus a little misunderstanding I had with a pothole.

Besides that, I made it through unscathed.

So.....I'd say that half marathon was my favorite race. I'd worked so hard, and surprised myself in more ways than I ever imagined possible.

3. Favorite holiday guilty pleasure.

Oh gosh, I'm afraid to say it out loud. I made it through Christmas weekend without any...and only had a small piece over Thanksgiving.


Pumpkin pie.

And whipped cream.


4. Most embarrassing running moment

I've already mentioned the pothole thing. Wiping out, and laying in the middle of the road, bleeding and bruised (mostly my ego) may have been 5 am, but I guarantee you at least one person saw it. Murphy's law, right???

I'd say my second most embarrassing moment would be pretty typical of most runners. The sudden, and without warning, need to use the restroom.....while running....when there isn't a restroom around.

Well, there was one, but the stupid door was locked for the season.

And it was a public park, so there were people EVERYWHERE.

Talk about having to tap into my "mind over matter" super powers.


So, there you have it. A small glimpse into the brain of this newbie runner.

Thanks again Anna! That was fun!!!!

Head on over to her blog and check it out, if you haven't already. She's a running fool. A skinnie minnie who actually wears her daughter's 4T tights as running capris. An elliptical master-ess.

She's a must read!!!

P.S. She's not a wanna be - no matter what she might try to tell you! :-)

(P.P.S. We really need to get together...since we live in the same city and all. Glad to hear you're signing up for the Lincoln Half. I've got a note to remind myself to send in my registration in January. I can't wait!!!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/10 30 min run

It's amazing how much easier it is to get out of bed when I'm going running outside...compared to when I'm headed to the gym to run inside. My alarm went off, I turned it off, and got up. No snooze, no whining, no "accidentally" falling back asleep.

I put the dogs out, put on some gear, and headed out the door.

Again, I had no idea what the temperature was outside (I really need to start checking the weather before I run....I haven't started after 9 months of running outside, so I'm guessing I'll never learn) I overdressed for the occasion.

(It was around 15 degrees - per Weather Underground's history function.)

Long sleeve light weight wicking tshit.
Fleece vest (new - thanks Inny!!!!!).
Saucony running jacket.
Light weight running tights.
Light weight Under Armor gloves (the camo ones I wear hunting - hehehehe)
Wool running socks.
Screw shoes.
SpiBelt with cell phone.
And a balaclava for my head and face.

I could have left the last item at home, but I wanted to try running with it on, to see how it went.

(yours truly this morning.....without my shoes - can't wear those puppies inside...will scratch the heck out of our floors)

My schedule only called for a 30 minute run...but I wanted to make it count.

I ran in neighborhoods, along busy roadways, on sidewalks, on streets, on ice, on snow, on dry pavement, up hills and down hills (a couple of them were pretty substantial). I wanted my run to be a mix of everything.

I wanted to see how it was breathing through the balaclavas.
I wanted to see how the screw shoes performed (yep, I"m calling this test run #2 - give me a break, I'm a Capricorn, we're nothing if not thorough!)
I wanted to get my heart rate up.

I love the balaclavas and had no issues breathing hard when I had it on.
The screw shoes did GREAT (again)!!
My heart rate was DEFINITELY elevated.

I've been afraid I'd let my fitness level drop in the last month....and today was proof. I've got to get back at!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

12/24/10 Reindeer Run, 4.2 mi

Christmas Eve morning.....I woke up to an alarm.

I didn't have to get up and go to work, so the alarm going off seemed wrong.

Ah, the life of a runner. :-)

I put on my cold weather running gear, grabbed my newly configured screw shoes, and headed out the door.

Then I turned around, went back inside, and stripped off a full layer from my top and bottom. It was a balmy 28 degrees outside. A tropical heatwave!!!!!

A local Omaha gym running club was hosting a Reindeer Run that morning, so I met up with Inny (my sis), and her hubby (Doug) to participate.

Clear(ish) skies, an inch of freshly fallen snow, no wind......around a small lake (4.2 mi).

What a perfect way to start the holiday weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Inny in her new winter running gear....specially purchased the night before. I love that we can now go running together!!!! And I love that she's such a ham for the camera!!!!!! :-)

I forgot to switch out camera batteries when I those are the only photos I was able to take. The lake was gorgeous....covered in snow, with a little fog rising from it....the geese were flying. Beautiful!!!!

Next order of business, my report on the screw shoes.

They. Completely. Rock.

100% awesome!!!!!!

They grip in snow, on ice.....and they sound really cool when you're running on dry pavement. :-)

I aimed for ice patches, instead of avoiding them.

I sought out the snow, deep or not deep.

They worked like a charm!!

If nothing else, they provided me the confidence to run outside when the streets and sidewalks aren't completely dry. I've been avoiding it, and not running outside has really affects my mood. Who knew!

Running on dry pavement was fine as well.

I was worried I might feel them while running...but I didn't. Not one little bit.

I still slowed down on the downhills, since it was only my first run in them. But I didn't really didn't need to.

I ran with Inny and Doug for the first half, then ran ahead on the second half to test them out at closer to race pace speeds. I didn't slip or slide once!!!!!

Screw Shoes

If you've been reading this blog for any time, you know that I'm in love with running outside...and terrified of running on or near ice. But, I live in Nebraska...where there's lots of ice....for 3-4 months of the year.

Fear of running on ice, and living somewhere where there's lots of it. The two things don't play well together.

Kinda like how I love to kayak and am terrified of the water.

A good friend of mine here in Omaha, who is also a runner, talked about putting screws in his shoes last year.

I, honestly, thought he was kidding. Then, when I realized he wasn't kidding, I was trying to figure out how that would work.

I asked this year, and he sent me the link.

Somehow or another, I had this vision in my head, of putting screws into the soles of my shoes...from the the pointy parts came out on the bottom.

Sometimes I confuse even myself. Obviously, the way he does it is my simpler, and makes MUCH more sense. :-)

So...while watching TV on Thursday night, I drug out my handy dandy box of assorted screws, and a screw driver...and went to work.

I grabbed my most recent pair of "retired" running shoes to use as test subjects.

The site recommended using either 3/8" or 1/4" sheet metal screws. I could only find the 3/8", and was worried about them being too long....but even the ones up near my toes didn't go through.

They also said you'd end up having to replace the 1/4" screws here and there, as they would come out more often then the longer ones.

I ended up putting 15 in each shoe.

Overkill - yes. But they look cool. (giggle)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Years Takers?

Thinking about organizing a Happy New Year midnight run on New Years eve.

Does that make me a dork? :-)

(hmmmm....maybe you shouldn't answer that)


12/23/10 Dreadmill (2.28 mi, 11:51 avg pace)

Well....that little popping going on in my knee last night on the treadmill was felt this morning. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to run....but it eventually faded away. Took it easy this morning and just kept my heart rate up...burned some calories.

Two days of running in a row. Wow...haven't done that in a while.

These past two weeks off have been a nice break....but boy has it felt good to get back at it.

Received a call from the make of my treadmill....they assure me that I only need to replace the circuit breaker on the unit, and all should be well. I think $10 is a fair price to pay, if it gets me so I can run at home again.

While I'm watching TV tonight (we're on the final episode of season 2 Sons of Anarchy - yep, season 1 was two weekends ago, and we got almost all the way through season 2 this past weekend)....anyway, while we're finishing up the last disc, I'm going to make some screw shoes. Sounds like I might get to test them out on my Jingle Bell Fun Run tomorrow am.

Snow is in the forecast!!! Not ice, just regular old snow. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12/22/10 Dreadmill (5.01 mi, 11:52 avg pace)

Met up with sis at the gym, and ran for an hour.

My speed just isn't what it is when I run outside in the am. But it still feels WONDERFUL to get back to it!!!!!!

I don't realize how much I miss running, until I stop doing it for a while.

Was also nice running with someone. Granted, neither of us spoke more than three words (we're so darned serious apparently)....but it was great!!!!!!

My knee started popping with each step about half way didn't hurt, but was annoying. :-)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice

It won't get any worse than today.

That darkness that's killing me, before and after work, will only lessen from now on!!!!!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Test Drive

So...I took the ol' home treadmill for another test spin today.

When I hit 21 minutes complete, I held my breath. It was at this time last week when the treadmill decided a sit-down strike was in order. But instead of it sitting tried to get me to. :-)

Going from 6.3 mph to zero, suddenly and unexpectedly, is a eye opening experience. Let me tell ya!!

This morning I kept running, right past the 21 minute mark.

And at 26 minutes, just when I'd thought to myself "yes! it's fixed!!!" died.


Granted, I was running MUCH slower today (5 mph) for just such a reason.


There is a circuit breaker, on the treadmill itself, that keeps tripping. I've gotten ahold of the company (again) to find out what the deal is. They were able to fix my issue last time...fingers crossed they can help with this one too!!!!! :-)

2.16 miles, average pace = slow (12 something I think)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wanted: Your Two Cents

Running on a Treadmill monotony VS Running on an Outside Track monotony

Both are, to be blunt, boring as hell.

But, for a short mid-week before work run (I can't imagine running on either for more than 5 miles, and even 5 sounds horrible), I'm thinking a track might be the way to go??

1) it keeps me "conditioned" to running outside
2) it keeps me from going all "soft" about running in the cold
3) it smells better than the gym (snicker)

There are a couple of high school tracks near my house.

One or two may or may not require me to jump the fence....but let's not worry about those little details just yet.

(I have an image of me hanging from the top of a chain link fence....dangling by my running tights. It's not pretty.)

Anyway......what say you??

Back from the dead......

My treadmill is alive!!


It WAS alive.

For about 20 minutes or so.

You see, we haven't been able to run on it for some time. The motor was bogging down (it's 10+ years old). We were told by the company that it wasn't the motor....we just needed to adjust the belt tension.

So.....20 minutes into my run this morning (the belt didn't bog down once)....the whole unit completely shut off.


No lights on the control motor running....100% powerless.

One minute I'm running...the next I'm stumbling and trying not to face plant.


Fixed one issue, gained another.

But fear not......I shall not be defeated!!!!!!!!!

At least I can say I finally got myself up and running again. No matter how brief it may have been. :-)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

OK....I've started...and then deleted this post at least three times now.

Each time I come across sounding like a whiny baby. And no one wants to read that!! :-)

It's dark outside all the time hoo.

I'm terrified of falling on the ice....waaaaa.

I have no motivation......blah, blah, blah.

I haven't run for a week. A WEEK!!! That's only happened twice since I started running in May. Once for a backpacking trip to Montana, and once when I fell into a pothole and buggered up my knee (which just so happens to be the week before said backpacking trip). :-)

This funk of mine is even starting to annoy ME...and it's MY funk for crying out loud!!!


I've been reading quite a few blogs these last couple of weeks. People are starting to get their heads on straight for 2011. Goals are being made. Decisions are being made. Plans are being, know...made.

I'm not a fan of the R word.....resolutions.


If you want to start working out, what better time to start then now! Why put it off? If it's that important, why wait?

I started Weight Watchers last year, right at the first of the year. It wasn't because I'd decided losing weight was my resolution, it was because a friend of mine had. She was ready to make a change, but needed a little push in the right direction. She's a every sense of the word. To do lists, plans, resolutions.....those are the things that get her excited.

So why not push her in the right direction...and go along for the ride?

And now....25 or so pounds later...I'm glad I did.

I lost weight, week after week, merely by changing my food habits. Then in May, I started running. The weight kept coming off...but that was when I really noticed my body changing. Things started firming up....jiggly bits started disappearing.

Since October, my running and my food choices have taken a turn for the worse....and so has that d*mn scale.

I ran my half marathon....and then the spark died. I completed the goal....and was left in limbo. Since then, I've read that making a new plan BEFORE the old one is gone is highly recommended. Lesson learned there.

I got into my single digit size jeans....and then the spark died. I completed that goal as well.

I'd done two things I set out to do....but it still felt as though the end of this journey hadn't come. You see....I met my goals....but not my ultimate ones!

Ben, from Ben Does Life, explains what I mean using marathon time goals as an example.

A: The public goal – as the name implies, this is the goal the runner tells people when asked what his goal is. Barring a complete meltdown, this goal is easily attainable and would even be a slight disappointment to the runner.
B: The actual goal – Usually about 5-10 minutes faster than the public goal. The runner will tell close friends and family about this goal. It’s also the time that the runner feels comfortable striving for and thinks there is a reasonable chance of hitting.
C: The secret dream goal – The runner doesn’t tell anyone this goal, because he knows that the stars would have to align and everything would have to fall perfectly in place for the secret dream goal to happen, and if a runner knows nothing else, he knows that during 26.2 miles, nothing ever falls perfectly in place.

My goals for weight loss really aren't centered on the scale. Yes, I use it as a way to measure success week after week. But that's only because the true measure of success (clothes sizes) don't go down every week. I need something to keep me going...and that's where the scale comes in.

My public goal: "I don't care how much I weigh, or what size I am, I just want to be happy and healthy." and "I want to be a runner. I want to get up in the morning and run a couple of miles, daily. I read books where the main character gets up in the am and 'goes for a run'...I want to be that person." (goals achieved)

My actual goal: "Happiness and good health is great...but feeling good about the way I look would be sweet! I don't care what I weigh, but I'd like to be in single digit size jeans. " and "I want to run a half marathon. Marathons are great and all, but a half is nothing to be ashamed of. I want to get that finisher medal, and feel the emotion of accomplishing something I had to train for. " (goals achieved)

My secret dream goal:
"8 is great...but bring on the 6!!! My body looked good as a 6, once upon a time. Heck, it looked great as a 4...but let's be realistic...I'm not 20 anymore. I want to wear a swimsuit again. I'd love to be able to run in only a sports bra in the summer when it's hotter than h*ll. Fitted tshirts....bring 'em on!!!" and "Half marathon? Pa-shaw! Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know what I said about half marathons being a great goal and all.....but since when have I done something without throwing myself into it fully? I can't stop half way there." (goals in progress)

I've accomplished so many things this year, things I never in a million years thought I'd ever do.

I run.
I enjoy running.
I get up really friggin' early to run.
I still enjoy running.
I've lost weight.
I've run a half marathon.
I want to run more of them.
I go to spin classes.
I enjoy spin classes.
I find myself looking forward to summer.
I don't mind the summer heat so much anymore.
I'm healthier than I've been in a long time.
I'm happy.

2010, you've been great! More than I ever expected.

2011, bring it on!!!!!!

Soapbox time.....

I don't care what this ad says....being able to say you completed a marathon is a big deal.

Do they have any idea what it takes for some people to "mosey" across that finish line in 7 hours? It takes everything they have...that's what. 26.2 miles is a big deal.

Running a marathon as a bucket list item is NOT disrespect. Walking instead of running is NOT disrespect.

Disrespect: lacking respect
Respect: for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person lity or ability, or something manifestation of a personal quality or ability

Running the marathon just to say you did it, is no different than saying you did it with a 5 min mile average pace. It's just a matter of different goals for different people.

Pheidippides ran to Athens to deliver an important message. I get that.

But...he didn't win a big cash prize at the end. There wasn't a fancy finisher's medal or a wicking tshirt waiting at the end.

I also think he died after delivering the message. Do we all have to complete that little bit of history in order to respect the marathon?

I think not.

So Pearl Izumi....long walk, short pier. Thank you very much.

(climbing down off of soap box)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/07/10 (2.73 mi, 10:30 pace)

It's amazing how easily I've slipped back into going to the gym.

I'd much...MUCH...rather run outside., for me it's so much easier. But going to the gym gets me back on track with the strength training I let slip over the spring, summer and fall.

My abs. My gosh, my abs. I haven't worked on them for nearly 7 months. It actually feels good to get back to it.

Even though I love running outside, I feel an odd comfort when walking through the door in the morning.

I'm using the same locker, I'm seeing the same people, I'm dealing with the same crappy shower heads. I never thought it would be this easy to get back into the swing of gym life. It's almost scary. :-)

Besides my 30 minute run...I did a million (or so) crunches, and a number of upper body weight machines.

I also must have either gotten up earlier then I thought, or dressed quicker than I normally do, because I was 30 minutes early to work.

I also hit my (now) usual Tuesday night Spin class with my sister.

Last week I had a bowl of chili before class....this week, a bowl of potato soup. I can't tell you how sluggish and ugh I felt during the class. No was horrible.

I'm so used to doing all my hard working out in the am, on a completely empty stomach. :-)

Monday, December 6, 2010


My plan for last week vs what I actually accomplished:

Monday - rest....check!
Tuesday - run in am, spin in the pm....check and check!
Wednesday - strength training....check! (upper body)
Thursday - run in am...check! (and added lower body workout as well)
Friday - rest...check!
Saturday - long run...check!
Sunday - spin!! :-)

All in all, I think I did pretty well. Not sure that my eating on Saturday is going to allow me to see a decrease on the scale tomorrow am, but I'm OK with that.

I'm working out to get healthy and to be able to "live" once and a while.

Right?? :-)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/04/2010 (5.9 miles, 11.39 pace)

I overshot my 5.5 mile run by a little, but was pretty close to target.

The pace was a little under target, but I spent the first quarter mile walking with hubby and our black lab, Sam.

Well...walking with them, stopping to pick up poo with them....waiting for hubby to get back from the garbage can, etc. :-)

Because of the temp, the first half of the out and back run was a tad bit chilly. I usually use a Buff to keep my nose and face warm. By the time I got to the 3 mile turn around point, the Buff was frozen solid from my exhalations. So a frozen cloth on my face wasn't really effectively keeping it warm. (giggle)

I did, however, have more than just my BondiBand for my ears on this run...and I'm very glad! My aunt gave me a fleece headband (that has a hole for my ponytail)...and it was the perfect amount of warmth!!!!! :-)

I saw one or two other runners, and a couple of people out walking their dogs, but besides that had the trail totally to myself.

And, because my home computer has died a horrible death recently (all of my pictures are probably gone forever and ever)....I didn't have a way to put any tunes or audio books onto my it was just me and the sound of my breath.

Which, as most of you probably know, is what I'm used to anyway. Unless I'm running a trail, in the daylight....I never listen to anything while out running. Safety first and all.

But I did notice that having something to listen to while running my longer runs on those trails is quite nice. I should be careful, or I'll get spoiled and find myself missing it when I can't have it. :-)

Legs felt great after the run, but during I was feeling a little tiny itsy bitsy pain in my right shin. It wasn't anything that made me slow down or walk....but it really had me paying close attention. I guess that's how you have to do it.....take it easy, listen carefully, etc, etc.

I'm gradually trying out different nutrition and hydration products on these longer runs. Today I tried the Extreme (added caffeine) Watermelon flavored Sports Beans. I picked them up at the running store in St. Louis over the holiday long weekend. They tasted great, didn't stick to my teeth, and are smaller pieces (I love the Shot Bloks, but they are a little too big per serving and do tend to stick to my teeth quite a bit more.)

OH, and who was it that was looking for the Margarita flavored Shot Bloks? I bought a package of them as well...but haven't tried them yet. Fleet Feet has them, if there's one near you. :-)

Run Specifics
5.9 miles (out and back, flat trail)

Mile 1 - 13:01 (spent part of it walking with hubs and puppy)
Mile 2 - 11:52
Mile 3 - 12:25 (stopped long enough to call hubby to tell him I was turning around)
Mile 4 - 11:13
Mile 5 - 11:18
Mile 6 - 9:55 (only one walk break that last mile - pushed it through to the end - felt great!!)

Temp: 24 degrees with a "feels like" of 10 degrees
Wind: Out of the North at 20 mph, and 30 mph gusts.

Gear: Running jacket, wicking ls shirt, wicking tt under that, lightweight running tights, Smartwool socks, shoes, glove liners (need something more!), headband for ears, BondiBand, frozen Buff (hehehehe), hydration belt with Gatorade (out of my usual drink)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/02/10 (2.7 mi, 10:36 pace)

I know that in my life I usually end up doing quite a few things backwards.

For example, my hubby doesn't believe me when I say I sleep cooler if I sleep with jammies on. Seriously. Sleeping in my birthday suit, I'll sweat myself out of bed. You could cook an egg on my core. Sleeping with tshirt and shorts, I'm nice and cool.



I hate crunchy peanut butter.. Why? Soft sandwiches should NOT have little surprise crunches. For that same reason, I also prefer my jello sans fruit. Actually, fruit in general is out. Soft foods crunching makes my skin crawl. And all of my baked good shall henceforth be female, not male (no nuts). And don't even get me started on escargot (shudder).

But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE potato chips on my pbj sandwiches.


I suppose.

People say it's harder to run outside than it is to run on a treadmill. The treadmill is moving, helping to pull your feet back, moving the ground under you, instead of you passing over the ground....blah, blah, blah.

I'm finding that it's sooooo much harder to run on a treadmill than outside. I'll run a 5K without stopping to walk...but when running on a treadmill (at my 10:00 mile pace - ish), I have to take a one minute walk break every couple of minutes.


Most definitely.

So....after slogging through my 30 minute run, I hit the weights. I won't be running again until my long run this weekend, so I focused on my lower body this morning. Leg presses, leg extensions, leg adduction and abduction. 3 sets of each, with varying weights.

It felt GREAT to get back to the gym and do some weight training.

ANOTHER thing I never thought I'd hear myself say!!!

2010 has been full of soooo many firsts. I wonder what 2011 will hold???

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/01/10 I did it!!!

I went home last night, and did some strength training down in our little gym space in the basement.

I actually came home after work, and worked out at home.

I didn't eat dinner while telling myself "oh, I'll go lift some weights in a couple of hours once my dinner is settled."

I didn't put on pj's and call it a night.

I resisted the temptation of my comfy couch and actually went downstairs and did it.

I knew I had to run this morning, so I did all upper body.

But the point of all this is that I DID IT!!!

The darkness will not defeat me!

I shall survive this funk!

I will survive.

(breaks into song)

Did you think I'd crumble
Did you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as I know how to love
I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive

Hey hey!!!!!


Have a good evening everyone!!!

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, Week 1 Recap

I might seem late to the party, but I'm really not. Honest.

I signed up for this thing weeks ago....but I'm just now getting around to mentioning it. What's that they say about being late to the party??

The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, sponsored by RunToTheFinish!!!!

I'm desperate. I usually fail miserably when signing up for challenges like this....but my motivation is in the tank.

Well, it was. It seems to be back I'm going with it.

Here's the deal, you get points for being active. Running, biking, ab workouts, the works. At the end of the season, there's a winner.

I'm not going to win, by any stretch of the imagination....but it's still fun to participate!!!!!

Week 1 Recap
3 mile run, 3 points
5K Turkey Trot, 3 points
Weekly total, a whopping 6 points :-)

11/30/10 - Spin Class vs Chili

I love my hubby dearly. He spoils me rotten.

Because I do not, in any way shape or form, enjoy cooking.....and he loves it.....he's the cook in the house.

I got home last night, and he'd made chili.

Considering the weather outside, it was the perfect meal.

I had one small problem though....spin class at 7:00.

I can think of better meals to eat before spinning. :-)

I exercised some control and only had a small bowl before leaving....and it didn't seem to affect me at all. I was afraid I'd feel weighed down and sluggish.....but lucked out.

My sister had a spin bike saved for me when I arrived. A bike right in the front row.

I'm usually a back of the room spinner. Something about a room full of strangers staring at my butt and love handles makes me a little uneasy. :-)

So, this cross training plan seems to be working. I ran yesterday morning and spun, spinned (?) last night. (giggle) Now, if I can just get some strength training in today, I will officially be "on plan."

I stepped on the scale this morning to give myself a new starting point. I think I'll weigh in once a week, instead of daily. I guess that makes Wednesday "Weigh In Day."

Wish me luck! :-)