Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mind if I "tag" along???

Anna, over at Random Thoughts of a Wanna Be Runner, tagged me on her blog this Monday.

How exciting!!!!!

So...everyone knows the rules to these do what it tells you to do, then you tag others.

Since I'm quite possibly the shyest person in the world, I stink at the second part.

Who do I tag? Do they want to be tagged? Will they be annoyed with the tag? Will others be upset if I don't tag them?

How I'm not living in a padded cell is beyond me. (giggle)

So....I'm inviting anyone who reads this to join in on the fun!!!!

Back to the "doing what it says" part.

In this case, I'm supposed to answer some 'lets-get-to-know-a-little-about-our-running-blogger-friends-shall-we?' questions.

Here we go....

1) Most fond running accomplishment of 2010?

Running. That's my biggest accomplishment. I've gone through two years, two doctors, one specialist and three physical therapists to be able to do it. So running, in general, is a big thing for me. I had the worst case of incurable shin splints ever! No one could figure out the cause. I could run on a treadmill, but not anywhere else. I could run exactly 5.2 miles per hour on said treadmill, without any pain what-so-ever. If I hit 5.3, the pain was crazy. And, I could run about 2.5 miles or so.....much over that, and that same crazy pain would visit. They did MRI's, they gave me exercises to do, the analyzed my form, I rested and didn't run at all for over three months...yet nothing worked.

Until this spring.

Put me in a pair of compression socks, or sleeves, and watch me go! I might look a little goofy with them on, but I'm I don't care. :-)

I've been running outside, and loving it ever since. Every day I finish a run, I'm still in amazement of what I'm able to accomplish.

Well...maybe not every day. There are days I wonder why the heck I'm out there doing it...on purpose. :-)

2. What are your 2011 running goals?

To keep running.
To keep enjoying myself.
To run at least 3 or 4 more half marathons...and maybe, just maybe, get my butt in gear for a full.

3. Favorite race?

I haven't done too many of them. (goes along with my 2011 goal being "more races." )

The day I was finally able to run outside, pain free, I entered myself in a half marathon. It was May, and the half was in October. I spent the spring, summer, and fall training for that half.

I found a plan, stuck to it, and stayed very conservative. I didn't want to push myself too far, and end up back with the doctors and the specialists again. I took a 13 week training plan, and repeated each week for the first 8 or 9 weeks of that plan.

Instead of increasing my mileage every week, it then increased every other. I stuck to running the miles I was supposed to, and didn't pay much attention to speed, or increasing the speed I already had.

Not that I think I'm speedy...because I'm not. got me to the race in good health, and injury free.

Well, minus a little misunderstanding I had with a pothole.

Besides that, I made it through unscathed.

So.....I'd say that half marathon was my favorite race. I'd worked so hard, and surprised myself in more ways than I ever imagined possible.

3. Favorite holiday guilty pleasure.

Oh gosh, I'm afraid to say it out loud. I made it through Christmas weekend without any...and only had a small piece over Thanksgiving.


Pumpkin pie.

And whipped cream.


4. Most embarrassing running moment

I've already mentioned the pothole thing. Wiping out, and laying in the middle of the road, bleeding and bruised (mostly my ego) may have been 5 am, but I guarantee you at least one person saw it. Murphy's law, right???

I'd say my second most embarrassing moment would be pretty typical of most runners. The sudden, and without warning, need to use the restroom.....while running....when there isn't a restroom around.

Well, there was one, but the stupid door was locked for the season.

And it was a public park, so there were people EVERYWHERE.

Talk about having to tap into my "mind over matter" super powers.


So, there you have it. A small glimpse into the brain of this newbie runner.

Thanks again Anna! That was fun!!!!

Head on over to her blog and check it out, if you haven't already. She's a running fool. A skinnie minnie who actually wears her daughter's 4T tights as running capris. An elliptical master-ess.

She's a must read!!!

P.S. She's not a wanna be - no matter what she might try to tell you! :-)

(P.P.S. We really need to get together...since we live in the same city and all. Glad to hear you're signing up for the Lincoln Half. I've got a note to remind myself to send in my registration in January. I can't wait!!!)


James said...

"I'd say my second most embarrassing moment would be pretty typical of most runners. The sudden, and without warning, need to use the restroom.....while running....when there isn't a restroom around."

I think every runner has this issue at some point.

When you start looking for the tallest bush, the abandoned bldg. :)

Nej said...

@ James - heck, the shortest bush might even work. (hehehehe)

Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year!!
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(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Just found your blog. Way to stick it out and solve your running problems. What a simple answer (compression socks) to a long drawn out problem!

Anna P said...

Love your post!! I have never encountered the bathroom problem, YET. For me I've only gotten the 'I gotta find a bathroom NOW!!!!" feeling ONCE and it was 5 seconds after I had finished a 9 mile run. Thankfully I was only 2 minutes, or 30 seconds (depending on if I walked or all out sprinted), from home. I all out sprinted.

Anna P said...

Oh, and it was quite funny to see the looks on my kids and hubbys faces as I whipped thru the door, threw my shoes off and yelled as I ran past 'yep-9 miles-went great-felt fine-cant talk right now!!!!'

Nej said...

@ Anna - I can completely relate to the mad dash through the house!!! That's awesome!

The Steve and Danny show said...


pumpkin pie and whipped cream!

break out the forks.