Monday, December 20, 2010

Test Drive

So...I took the ol' home treadmill for another test spin today.

When I hit 21 minutes complete, I held my breath. It was at this time last week when the treadmill decided a sit-down strike was in order. But instead of it sitting tried to get me to. :-)

Going from 6.3 mph to zero, suddenly and unexpectedly, is a eye opening experience. Let me tell ya!!

This morning I kept running, right past the 21 minute mark.

And at 26 minutes, just when I'd thought to myself "yes! it's fixed!!!" died.


Granted, I was running MUCH slower today (5 mph) for just such a reason.


There is a circuit breaker, on the treadmill itself, that keeps tripping. I've gotten ahold of the company (again) to find out what the deal is. They were able to fix my issue last time...fingers crossed they can help with this one too!!!!! :-)

2.16 miles, average pace = slow (12 something I think)


Detroit Runner said...

Time to get outside and run!

The Steve & Danny show said...


We need to pad the walls.

Fran said...

You know Monty Python's song: always look on the bright sight of life?

Well here's mine for you today ........

Yeah the treadmill lasted 4 minutes longer!

But without further more playing with you: I hope you can get it fixed.

Nej said...

@ Detroit - I know, I know. I just need to get out there and do it. Ice be d*mned!!!!!! :-)

@ Steve - that mattress on the wall idea is looking better and better, eh?

@ Fran - I'm literally laughing out loud. That's exactly what I thought.....4 more minutes than last time!!!!! :-) :-) :-)