Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/07/10 (2.73 mi, 10:30 pace)

It's amazing how easily I've slipped back into going to the gym.

I'd much...MUCH...rather run outside., for me it's so much easier. But going to the gym gets me back on track with the strength training I let slip over the spring, summer and fall.

My abs. My gosh, my abs. I haven't worked on them for nearly 7 months. It actually feels good to get back to it.

Even though I love running outside, I feel an odd comfort when walking through the door in the morning.

I'm using the same locker, I'm seeing the same people, I'm dealing with the same crappy shower heads. I never thought it would be this easy to get back into the swing of gym life. It's almost scary. :-)

Besides my 30 minute run...I did a million (or so) crunches, and a number of upper body weight machines.

I also must have either gotten up earlier then I thought, or dressed quicker than I normally do, because I was 30 minutes early to work.

I also hit my (now) usual Tuesday night Spin class with my sister.

Last week I had a bowl of chili before class....this week, a bowl of potato soup. I can't tell you how sluggish and ugh I felt during the class. No was horrible.

I'm so used to doing all my hard working out in the am, on a completely empty stomach. :-)

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Fran said...

We're alike: I'd much rather run outside. Besides the fact that it's so much less boring than the dreadmill I'm faster outside than on the dreadmill.

But I still haven't started weight training, really need to begin with that.

My gym doesn't open till 8 am and since I start working at 7.30 am it's not an option to go in the mornings which is a pity because I prefer to workout in the morning.