Friday, December 24, 2010

12/24/10 Reindeer Run, 4.2 mi

Christmas Eve morning.....I woke up to an alarm.

I didn't have to get up and go to work, so the alarm going off seemed wrong.

Ah, the life of a runner. :-)

I put on my cold weather running gear, grabbed my newly configured screw shoes, and headed out the door.

Then I turned around, went back inside, and stripped off a full layer from my top and bottom. It was a balmy 28 degrees outside. A tropical heatwave!!!!!

A local Omaha gym running club was hosting a Reindeer Run that morning, so I met up with Inny (my sis), and her hubby (Doug) to participate.

Clear(ish) skies, an inch of freshly fallen snow, no wind......around a small lake (4.2 mi).

What a perfect way to start the holiday weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Inny in her new winter running gear....specially purchased the night before. I love that we can now go running together!!!! And I love that she's such a ham for the camera!!!!!! :-)

I forgot to switch out camera batteries when I those are the only photos I was able to take. The lake was gorgeous....covered in snow, with a little fog rising from it....the geese were flying. Beautiful!!!!

Next order of business, my report on the screw shoes.

They. Completely. Rock.

100% awesome!!!!!!

They grip in snow, on ice.....and they sound really cool when you're running on dry pavement. :-)

I aimed for ice patches, instead of avoiding them.

I sought out the snow, deep or not deep.

They worked like a charm!!

If nothing else, they provided me the confidence to run outside when the streets and sidewalks aren't completely dry. I've been avoiding it, and not running outside has really affects my mood. Who knew!

Running on dry pavement was fine as well.

I was worried I might feel them while running...but I didn't. Not one little bit.

I still slowed down on the downhills, since it was only my first run in them. But I didn't really didn't need to.

I ran with Inny and Doug for the first half, then ran ahead on the second half to test them out at closer to race pace speeds. I didn't slip or slide once!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, I'm glad the shoes worked so well! If I have more icy runs, I might have to try it.

Fran said...

You and your sister look alike a lot.

So great to hear this is working for you. Right now snow is melting here during the day and it's freezing a bit at night. Makes the roads even more icy than before. Don't like it at ALL!

Nej said...

@ Lori - it's worth the try!

@ Fran - Ours is doing the same...melting, then refreezing when the sun goes down. Hubby and I tried to walk around a lake close to our house, and didn't make it more than about 50 feet before heading back for the car. We both had our regular running shoes on, and were slipping all over the place. :-)