Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back from the dead......

My treadmill is alive!!


It WAS alive.

For about 20 minutes or so.

You see, we haven't been able to run on it for some time. The motor was bogging down (it's 10+ years old). We were told by the company that it wasn't the motor....we just needed to adjust the belt tension.

So.....20 minutes into my run this morning (the belt didn't bog down once)....the whole unit completely shut off.


No lights on the control motor running....100% powerless.

One minute I'm running...the next I'm stumbling and trying not to face plant.


Fixed one issue, gained another.

But fear not......I shall not be defeated!!!!!!!!!

At least I can say I finally got myself up and running again. No matter how brief it may have been. :-)


Brian said...

I love it when that happens in the gym. First the lights go out, then the TVs and then everyone on the treadmills slowly grinds to a halt in unison. It's as though we all run on electricity too. Unfortunately, it never happens when I'm having a bad day on the treadmill.

I think it might be time for a new treadmill for you.

Nej said...

@ Brian - yeah, I think so too...poor thing is over 10 years old...and has quite a few miles on it. Too bad it didn't happen closer to spring. :-)

I've yet to experience the sychronized halt at the gym...but now I kinda want to. Think they'll be suspicious if I only start going when it's storming outside? :-)

Heidi said...

I feel your pain, my elliptical has decided it's on hiatus. Kinda ticks me off since I never use it much ayway so it's virtually brand new. Hope you can find a way to fix your beast.

Nej said...

@ Heidi - If I find out my treadmill and your elliptical are in cahoots (sp?)...there will be some serious punishments being handed out. That's mutiny, right? :-) :-)

BaldJohnnyRhythm said...

That happened to me at the firehouse a couple weeks ago. Darn thing came unplugged. I also avoided the face plant, fortunately. It might have been ugly... I think I would have gone right through a window.

Nej said...

@ BJR - Just happened to come unplugged?? I've spent quite a bit of time at my hubby's firehouse...and I've seen things "just happen" quite a bit. :-) :-)

I scared the crap out of the dog...she went tearing up the stairs like a shot, but avoided the face plant. (thank goodness!!!!)

Fran said...

Well didn't I just say: lace up your shoes :lol: and see what you did: you laced them up.

Too bad the treadmill died, hope you can fix it again.

Nej said...

@ Fran - it died again 26 minutes into my run...but that's 26 minutes I did get I can't complain too much.

Actually, I was cussing more than complaining....but emailed the company today. We need to get this thing going! :-)