Thursday, July 29, 2010

07/29/10 (3.5 mi, 11:10 pace)

Got on the scale this morning, and it was up....again....for the third day in a row.


As I started running this morning, my right calf muscle felt like a rock. I almost had a limp, but not quite. I stretched like I usually do....not sure what it's problem is.


I ran my normal 3.5 mile hilly route. I only walked twice, very short walk breaks at that. Once just after I made it to the top of a serious hill, and the other kinda right in the middle of a serious hill. (I seriously hate hills.) :-) I usually take at least 5 short walk breaks in the middle of this run. Yet, my time was much worse than usual.


Do you ever just have one of those days???? :-) :-) :-)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

07/28/10 (2 mi, 10:20 pace)

Short, easy run today.


Ran the full two miles without stopping to walk.


Today felt good. Plain and simple.



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

07/27/10 (3.5 mi, 10:53 pace)

Had a tough time running today. But, eventually, willpower persevered. Tried to do some interval running, without success. Seemed to make it harder to run. I think I pushed too hard on the running bits. The heat, humidity, and the fact that I hadn't been feeling all that well the last two days probably didn't help much either. :-)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

07/25/10 (long run)

Another 5 mile run scheduled for today. For some it doesn't seem like much at all. For me, it's insanity.

Voluntary insanity. :-)

The first mile and a half went as usual. When walking these trails I've been running....I find I never noticed how unflat they are. The trail around Standing Bear is far from as hilly as my weekday runs....but, it's not entirely flat either.

I stopped to take my first short walk break, and a few seconds later a couple of guys ran past. They were as gabby as a couple of school girls, and I'd heard them behind me for quite some time. They both said good morning, and were very pleasant. My walk break was up after we got around the next curve, and I started running again. Wasn't long after I started, that they both stopped running and started walking themselves. I quickly caught up and ran past.

They laughed and said good morning again. :-)

We played leap frog this way for the next mile. Just as we were nearing the west end of the trail, I was walking, they were running up behind me and asked if I wanted to race to the end.

We all laughed. I told them I'd better not....would hate to waste my energy kicking their butts, when I have to turn around and run back to the other side. They laughed...and we parted ways.

I turned around, and after about .1 of a mile of running, I had to stop. The worst abdominal cramps hit...all at once.

This has happened before, always about 2.5-3 miles after running. I've done all kinds of things to figure out what's causing them.

I walked for quite a while (since I was on the other side of the lake from my vehicle).....until they faded....then finished my run. They didn't return on the way back.

It blew my average pace by nearly a minute per mile. But, I made it back alive. (giggle)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

07/24/10 (cross training on the bike)

Ugh!!!! I got my bike out for the first time this year. How crazy is that? It's nearly the end of July, and I've had it out once? I've finally got the running thing going, and now it's time to focus on mixing things up a little.

I had about an hour or so to ride this morning, before heading up to MV to help mom out with some stuff in their camper. I figured I'd bang out 20 miles and then head north to see her.

At mile 8, I realized that my bike riding was starting to get really, really, REALLY easy.

I looked over my shoulder to see a HUGE storm front moving in....and it's wind was at my back.

Uh oh! I'm out of shape (in the biking sense at least), on my first day out in a year, and I have to ride home....into the wind of a fast moving front?

(shaking my head)

So, I turned around and went home.


Very slowly.

When the wind is actually pushing you backwards on your bike when you are peddling forward, is that a bad thing??

(slight exaggeration) :-)

90 minutes later I make it back to the Jeep.

90 minutes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Kent, pretend you didn't see that, OK?)

Just call me speedy! :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

07/22/10 (3.5 mi)

The breeze felt great against the humidity today.

Is it just me, or is it already started to get dark earlier? One day it was light out when I start...the next, pitch black. Gets kinda spooky starting my run in the dark. All those bunnies running for cover when I come by...gets me jumpy. :-)

Ran through a neighborhood with a Thursday garbage pickup. It must have been windy last night (or an army of raccoons invaded)...downed garbage cans everywhere....trashed scattered all through the area. I stopped a couple of times to throw garbage can lids back into yards or driveways....just to get them out of the middle of the road. But once I started having to dodge full cans, I decided it was a lost cause and stopped helping. :-)

Why is it that today's run felt pretty good...but my times are just getting slower and slower? I think I'm wearing myself out early on. Had already decided to use intervals for my long run this weekend...might have to start doing it with my short runs as well????

If I run three minutes and walk one (for a goal of a 10 min per mile pace) what paces should I run and walk? Must research (and probably have to break down and do some math - ugh!).


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

07/21/10 (2 mi)

I always feel like a loser only running 2 miles on Wednesdays. I know it's a silly thing. :-)

I'm following Hal Higdon's half marathon training program. I've no idea how to do this on my own, and I'm afraid I'll push myself right back into injury. Not going there again!

My times aren't really getting any better.

OK, OK......I DO see a slight improvement since I started all of this running stuff for real. I have to keep reminding myself that EVERY run for me is a hills run, based on where I live. I'll have to make sure and do my long run on the flat this weekend, for a little morale boost. (giggle)

I've been using the Nike Sportband to keep track of my distance, instead of my iPod. Running with an iPod on my arm, and no earbuds connected to it always felt so silly (when running outside, I REFUSE to run with music.....I'd much rather hear the birds, the turkeys and deer, the oncoming traffic, and lurkers in bushes).

OK, there you have it, I'm a little paranoid about running alone. It might be something I get past one day....but probably something that really isn't so bad to be.

Anyway, I love the sportband. It's smaller and it's waterproof (!!!), I wear it all day as a watch. (read = running gadget geek.)

But, there's one thing I miss. The little voice of my iPod telling me when I only have 400 meters left to run. One thing I don't the little voice telling me I've completed one mile, or that I'm halfway done.......right when I pass someone else on the street or trail.

Inside my head I cringe and think "Yes, that was my arm talking. Do you have a problem with it?"


I went to the running store yesterday over lunch, with Mot, and got my new kicks. I love the smell of new running shoes. It only lasts until the first it's not uncommon to see me sticking my nose in them one last time before putting them on for that first run.

(You won't catch me doing it again AFTER that first run, that's for sure!)

Out with the old, in with the new.

Thank goodness they aren't hot pink this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

07/20/10 (3.5 mi)

Tuesday runs ALWAYS kick my butt.

Not sure what it is about them exactly.

I'm sure the thunderstorms and power getting knocked out, twice, last night didn't help me any. And Sam (our 8 month old black lab pup) kept jumping up on the bed...then back down...then back up...then back down.

The thunder and lightning had her wide awake.

But's not just this's Tuesday in general. Does Monday wear me out, mentally, that badly?

There was another skunk on my route this morning. Sunday, it was alive, and walking across the trail right in front of me. This morning, it was dead...and laying on the side of the road.

I almost stepped on it.

It was laying on the white stripe on the side of the's own white stripe lining up perfectly.

It was sad...but I still giggled about the perfect placement.

The clouds still hanging around this morning made things darker than usual. I REALLY need to get a reflective vest, or something, to wear.

Have to hit the running store today or tomorrow to get new shoes anyway, I'll see what they have.

I've not been a runner until recently, so getting new shoes when the ones I have look perfectly fine.....well, it's taking some getting used to.

As far as hobbies go, though, it's a fairly inexpensive hobby, over all. :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

07/18/10 (long run)

Dropped my sister off at home early this morning, and decided to run my long run along the east side of Wehrspann Lake. Only a few others out, mostly on bikes, and it was MUCH cooler than yesterday (thank goodness!!).

A skunk ran across the path, right in front of me. I stopped in my tracks, and stood like a statue until it was gone. Smelling like Pepe la Pew wasn't on my agenda for the day. :-)

A couple of deer stood along the side of the trail, watching me run by. They didn't seem too concerned I was there.

I ran the first two miles without stopping. (a personal best) But, as I was running, I noticed I was heading downhill for the first mile or so.

Uh oh.....that means back uphill at the end. Probably not the best choice. :-)

Did my 5 miles (another personal record), and it felt great!!!!!! Sweat away about 17 or 18 pounds.

(including the Mt. Dew freezee drink I got when sis and stopped to get a movie last night)


It was a "I'm fitting into size 8 clothes" celebration drink!!!!!!!

Yep, there's me, in my size 8 dress!!!!


Went out to breakfast with the boys after the run....ate about thee bites of my pancake, two of my sausage patty, one of Steve's hash browns (that he didn't want)....and my whole glass of chocolate milk (of course!!).

Came home and took a short 30 minute nap....I was plum tuckered out. :-)

What is 13.1 miles going to do to me?????

Friday, July 16, 2010

07/16/10 (rest day)

Friday = rest day.

Rest day is the hardest day of the week, and the easiest day of the week...all rolled into one.

I feel guilty not getting out there. But, it feels wonderful to give the body a rest.

Even MORE wonderful to sleep in!!!

I've been trying to find other running blogs....of people who are fairly new to running, or running for recreation, or both. I'm not going to win any titles doing this....but I DO feel like I'm winning my life step at a time.

I'm constantly worried about my knees. They don't hurt....but I want to keep it that way. I hear horror stories from people that were runners in the past, and had to stop. Is it because they didn't take the right precautions? Are there precautions I should be taking, that I don't know about?

I can't say that I feel "good" while I'm out there...but the feeling I have when the run is's nothing short of wonderful!! The sense of accomplishment is amazing. The "see what I did" factor! I'm doing it for myself, and I shouldn't need the congrats of others....but I'm so darned proud of what I'm doing....I want to share it. A pat on the back is never a bad thing!!!! :-)

A co-worker (and marathoner) came up to me today. "You've lost some weight!"

He asked what I'd been doing. I told him I was running.

I can call myself a runner now. It still feels a little funny though. I mean, I haven't done a marathon or half marathon, a 10K or 5K...yet. But...I AM getting up at 5:00 am during the week to run. I AM one of those people with a training calendar on the side of the fridge. I AM one of those people that, while visiting friends or family out of town, does get up earlier than everyone so she can still get her run in.

I never ran in high school. In fact, I didn't know that I could. No one ever asked me to try. I think I might have been pretty decent at it actually. :-)

I tried to run once. After the second day out I had shin splints something fierce....and never tried again.

My shoes were horrible, I didn't stretch, and I ran as fast as I could for a decent (= way too far) distance.

What was I thinking????

When I think back on it now, it makes me wonder how much I'm doing wrong, NOW, that I don't know. Doing something, without knowing what I'm's terrifying to me.

I don't keep track of my time while running. I just have a certain mileage I want to achieve each day. I only know my time when it's all said and done. I took up running to get healthy, to lose weight, and to get outside more. Time, pace, splits....they aren't my motivation.

Yet....when I look at my run online, and see that I improved from the run before...I can't help buy smile from ear to ear.

Other runners at work come over to talk...."Man it was humid today. How was your run this morning?"

THEY are asking ME how my morning run went. Craziness!!!!! :-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

07/15/10 (3.5 mi)

Hills, hills, hills. :-)

Good run this morning. MUCH cooler than yesterday!!!!!

Tried a different route...ended with a huge hill. Whoops! But the sunrise at the top was beautiful !!!

Mosquito bit me through my compression sleeve, determined little beasty!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

07/14/10 (2.0 mi)

Muggy is an understatement this morning! People run in this, on purpose? Guess so...I did! :-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

07/13/10 (3.5 mi)

Just didn't feel like myself this morning. Slight headache....but pushed through it. Added the .5 miles onto the run like I was supposed to....probably should have checked the route first. The section I added on was .25 miles straight up hill. :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

07/12/10 (1.02 mi)

Short 1 mile run to calibrate new nike sportband sensor.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

07/10/10 (4.01 mi)

Got up to run, before heading down to the Flatland Kids Triathlon to be on the kayak safety team. Great run!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

07/08/10 (3.0 mi)

Not too bad for no running in a week. No more skipping like that!!! :-) :-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

07/01/10 (3.01 mi)

Holiday weekend started early this week. Went to Des Moines Wednesday night, and asked Mel if she wanted to go running with me Thursday am. Felt good to push and motivate someone other than myself!. :-)