Wednesday, July 21, 2010

07/21/10 (2 mi)

I always feel like a loser only running 2 miles on Wednesdays. I know it's a silly thing. :-)

I'm following Hal Higdon's half marathon training program. I've no idea how to do this on my own, and I'm afraid I'll push myself right back into injury. Not going there again!

My times aren't really getting any better.

OK, OK......I DO see a slight improvement since I started all of this running stuff for real. I have to keep reminding myself that EVERY run for me is a hills run, based on where I live. I'll have to make sure and do my long run on the flat this weekend, for a little morale boost. (giggle)

I've been using the Nike Sportband to keep track of my distance, instead of my iPod. Running with an iPod on my arm, and no earbuds connected to it always felt so silly (when running outside, I REFUSE to run with music.....I'd much rather hear the birds, the turkeys and deer, the oncoming traffic, and lurkers in bushes).

OK, there you have it, I'm a little paranoid about running alone. It might be something I get past one day....but probably something that really isn't so bad to be.

Anyway, I love the sportband. It's smaller and it's waterproof (!!!), I wear it all day as a watch. (read = running gadget geek.)

But, there's one thing I miss. The little voice of my iPod telling me when I only have 400 meters left to run. One thing I don't the little voice telling me I've completed one mile, or that I'm halfway done.......right when I pass someone else on the street or trail.

Inside my head I cringe and think "Yes, that was my arm talking. Do you have a problem with it?"


I went to the running store yesterday over lunch, with Mot, and got my new kicks. I love the smell of new running shoes. It only lasts until the first it's not uncommon to see me sticking my nose in them one last time before putting them on for that first run.

(You won't catch me doing it again AFTER that first run, that's for sure!)

Out with the old, in with the new.

Thank goodness they aren't hot pink this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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