Sunday, July 25, 2010

07/25/10 (long run)

Another 5 mile run scheduled for today. For some it doesn't seem like much at all. For me, it's insanity.

Voluntary insanity. :-)

The first mile and a half went as usual. When walking these trails I've been running....I find I never noticed how unflat they are. The trail around Standing Bear is far from as hilly as my weekday runs....but, it's not entirely flat either.

I stopped to take my first short walk break, and a few seconds later a couple of guys ran past. They were as gabby as a couple of school girls, and I'd heard them behind me for quite some time. They both said good morning, and were very pleasant. My walk break was up after we got around the next curve, and I started running again. Wasn't long after I started, that they both stopped running and started walking themselves. I quickly caught up and ran past.

They laughed and said good morning again. :-)

We played leap frog this way for the next mile. Just as we were nearing the west end of the trail, I was walking, they were running up behind me and asked if I wanted to race to the end.

We all laughed. I told them I'd better not....would hate to waste my energy kicking their butts, when I have to turn around and run back to the other side. They laughed...and we parted ways.

I turned around, and after about .1 of a mile of running, I had to stop. The worst abdominal cramps hit...all at once.

This has happened before, always about 2.5-3 miles after running. I've done all kinds of things to figure out what's causing them.

I walked for quite a while (since I was on the other side of the lake from my vehicle).....until they faded....then finished my run. They didn't return on the way back.

It blew my average pace by nearly a minute per mile. But, I made it back alive. (giggle)

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