Thursday, July 22, 2010

07/22/10 (3.5 mi)

The breeze felt great against the humidity today.

Is it just me, or is it already started to get dark earlier? One day it was light out when I start...the next, pitch black. Gets kinda spooky starting my run in the dark. All those bunnies running for cover when I come by...gets me jumpy. :-)

Ran through a neighborhood with a Thursday garbage pickup. It must have been windy last night (or an army of raccoons invaded)...downed garbage cans everywhere....trashed scattered all through the area. I stopped a couple of times to throw garbage can lids back into yards or driveways....just to get them out of the middle of the road. But once I started having to dodge full cans, I decided it was a lost cause and stopped helping. :-)

Why is it that today's run felt pretty good...but my times are just getting slower and slower? I think I'm wearing myself out early on. Had already decided to use intervals for my long run this weekend...might have to start doing it with my short runs as well????

If I run three minutes and walk one (for a goal of a 10 min per mile pace) what paces should I run and walk? Must research (and probably have to break down and do some math - ugh!).


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