Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soapbox time.....

I don't care what this ad says....being able to say you completed a marathon is a big deal.

Do they have any idea what it takes for some people to "mosey" across that finish line in 7 hours? It takes everything they have...that's what. 26.2 miles is a big deal.

Running a marathon as a bucket list item is NOT disrespect. Walking instead of running is NOT disrespect.

Disrespect: lacking respect
Respect: for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person lity or ability, or something manifestation of a personal quality or ability

Running the marathon just to say you did it, is no different than saying you did it with a 5 min mile average pace. It's just a matter of different goals for different people.

Pheidippides ran to Athens to deliver an important message. I get that.

But...he didn't win a big cash prize at the end. There wasn't a fancy finisher's medal or a wicking tshirt waiting at the end.

I also think he died after delivering the message. Do we all have to complete that little bit of history in order to respect the marathon?

I think not.

So Pearl Izumi....long walk, short pier. Thank you very much.

(climbing down off of soap box)


BaldJohnnyRhythm said...

Well said.

Nej said...

Thanks! I read that ad on the back of a running magazine, while sitting in a hotel in St. Louis...after just running a short little 5K on Thanksgiving. I figured if it still makes me mad, thinking about it now, nearly a month later....then it's time to write about it.

Stupid ad (grumble, grumble).


Brian said...

I agree that some people crossing the finish line in 7 hours have worked their butts off and really ,really accomplished something big by doing so. I applaud them.

I've seen plenty of people, however, who've signed up for a marathon, done minimal training, gotten swept up by the van because they weren't maintaining the minimal pace and then complained that they didn't get a medal. To them, I say - go to the trophy shop and buy yourself a medal. It's typically cheaper than signing up for a marathon.

Some people expect to be rewarded simply for showing up. These people, I believe dishonor the distance and those who have truly worked hard to call themselves marathoners. Perhaps the ip ad speaks to these people.

Faith Ann said...

I detest those ads. Every time I see one, it makes me want to avoid their products. Although, I guess they wouldn't be bothered by that because they're not marketing to me... they only want "real" athletes.

I worked very hard training for and completing my first marathon. It may have taken me almost 5 hours but it was a major accomplishment for me!

Nej said...

@ Brian - I will be the first to say I hope that's who the ad is directed at. I really do!! I own some of their gear, and would hope they understand those of us with 11 min mile (and more) paces DO buy their stuff.

It would be nice for them to say it though, and not lump the rest of us into it. (I haven't done my first full yet, but with a 2.5 hour half, I can only assume I'll take at least 5 if not much longer to complete it.)

Nej said...

@ Faith Ann - I'm amazed by the performance of "super" athletes. The training they put themselves through...the dedication it's honorable. They have a dream, a passion...and are doing what they need to do to make it happen. It's wonderful.

But we can all participate in the same event, without stepping on each others toes. Can't we??

These ads make me feel unwelcome at events. I know that's just the silly and crazy talk of a self-conscious new runner...but it's hard to push it out of my head sometimes.

Fran said...

I respect everyone who finish a race, no matter what distance because I know from experience how hard training can be. But those who finish a marathon get a little bit more respect from me simply because it's something I will never do and I admire anyone who does.

I've once heard someone in a race I participated in complaining about the slow runners and that they shouldn't participate. It made me angry. I'm slow yes but I work my butt of for it while this person might run easily with minimum training.

Nej said...

@ Fran - I haven't run in a ton of races, as I'm still really new to this running thing. I've never heard anyone say the slow runners shouldn't be there....but I see the looks. I stay to the side, out of the way, look before slowing to a walk to make sure no one is behind me, I make water grabs quick so I'm not in the way.......but still, the looks. It's annoying, but I'm getting used to it. :-)