Thursday, August 26, 2010

08/26/10 (crash and burn!!!).

Today started off like any other morning. The alarm went off, the dog licked my face to get me up, I changed and headed out the door to run.

It's very dark now when I run....but luckily the moon was full. Also helping was the fact it was again, for the second day in a row, so very cool out!!!

So....about 2.63 miles into my run (about 1.5 miles from home), I'm running along the street, minding my own business. When all of a sudden.....

.....a sprinkler system kicked on.

Big deal, right?

I really didn't think so either. But, it made me jump.

Everything was so quiet, and about a foot away from me a sprinkler head sprung to life. Spitting, sputtering, and gurgling.

It was so sudden, I looked over at it instinctively.

My next step went right into a pot hole.

Well, not really INTO the pot much as I came down right on the edge. Half of my foot in, and half of my foot on the road.

And down I went.

In a fiery blaze of glory.

Well....maybe not so much.

I came down on my left knee...and hard. 18 years of dance lessons have given me extremely strong ankles....and a number of years in karate as a kid taught me how to fall...without ruining knees and ankles.

Unfortunately, I was running a quite a clip (for me) when it happened.

My knee hit the ground. I knew it was going to hurt, but it wasn't going to be that big a deal.

Except, my forward momentum took over. I hit the ground on that knee HARD and then slid along the pavement on it for another foot or so. All the time thinking "stop already!!!"

I could tell that it wasn't going to end well, so I slammed my arm down to help put on the brakes. My handheld water bottle took the brunt of the force (by plan, believe it or not). The lid went flying, my crystal light fitness drink (grape flavored) all over me. Elbow then hits the ground and get scrapped up. Left hand slams down to bring me to a final stop.

In the middle of the road.

Covered in grape sports drink, rocks and sand....and a badly bruised ego.

I was so mad at myself. No cell phone, and now nothing to drink.


I sat in the middle of the road for what seemed like a long time, and probably amounted to a minute at the most.

Finally, I picked myself up, dusted myself off....and tried to walk.

Hmmmmm.....that kinda hurts.

Nothing is broken....but the blood was welling up on my knee. Road rash...great! :-(

I hobbled towards home for about 1/2 a mile, before my growing frustration hit an all time high.

My right foot, the one that had the encounter with the hole in the street, wasn't happy either....but I just didn't care.

I wanted to get home, I needed to get home.

I ran the rest of the way home.

(shaking my head)

I know, I know...not the best idea. But, I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn't a wimp, I wasn't a wuss, and that I WASN'T injured, exactly 2 days before leaving on a backpacking trip I've been looking forward to for months!!!!!

I finally got home...and walked into the bedroom. Mot was still sleeping, but woke when I entered the room.

"How was your run?"

"Um...ok. you could turn on the light and check out my road rash?"

He was sitting bolt upright in seconds and turned the light on.

"What happened?"

After checking it out, and instructing me to get into the shower and clean it out, immediately....I walked into the bathroom.

Still calm as a cucumber. I turned the water on, gingerly took of my running gear and stepped into the hot water.

The minute the water hit my knee, the waterworks started. I cried like a baby. It hurt, I hurt, I didn't want to look at it, let alone clean it out, and darn it....I have to be able to hike in 2 days!!!!!

From the shower, I went to the kitchen, made up a bag of ice, and crawled back into bed. Still sobbing.

My elbow is pretty bruised, the palm of my left hand it a little sore, but my left knee and right foot. They aren't so good. The side of my foot is swollen, and my three littlest toes aren't keen on moving. My knee doesn't want to straighten or bend. The swelling goes down with ice, only to come right back when the ice is removed. I tried to take a picture, but you just can't tell anything from it.


Stupid sprinkler!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch Jen!! Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you recovery quickly. I know those early morning dark runs can be hazardous!

Matt C.

Heidi said...

Oh OUCH! You really took a beating out there. I sure hope you heal up enough to enjoy your backpacking trip. Whenever I have something big like that coming up I'm always terrified of getting hurt. We went to Cuba once and my husband actually forbid me to ride my horse in the week before we left because he was afraid I'd get hurt. :)

Jamie said...

Ouch! That is quite the way to start your morning :( I hope you feel better quickly!

MJ said...

oh now. That is very swollen. Try to take it easy. I hope you're feeling better by today.

Nej said...

Thanks everybody!!!! The swelling is a little less than it was....but the oh the colors I have now! :-) :-)