Wednesday, August 25, 2010

08/25/10 (2 mi, 9:44 pace)

I can actually, honest to goodness, say that today's run felt good. It's been over a week since I could say those words. Hallelujah!!

I don't know what the temperature was when I started, but when I got home it was 59 degrees....with a "feels like" of the same. Ahhhhh.....blisssssss!!!!!

Instead of walking once I reached the top of the hills, I tried to focus on, and control, my breathing. I kept telling myself I wasn't going to celebrate my legs FINALLY feeling back to normal by wussing out and talking walk breaks. :-)

I needed a good run, to remind myself of why I was doing this. Most of the time, it feels good. And, it feels even better when my run is done, and I can say "I did that!!"

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Jamie said...

Yea for a good run! They always feel so nice after a struggling for a bit.