Tuesday, August 3, 2010

08/03/10 (4 mi, 10:15 pace)

I checked the training schedule on my way out the door, and am glad I did. My Tues/Thurs runs go up to 4 miles starting this week.

I remember when 4 miles was my long weekend run, and I didn't know if I'd make it. It's fun to see the progress I'm making.

I didn't run my long run this weekend. I was supposed to go to a funeral on Saturday am, and then found out that the information I had was incorrect, and it was actually two days earlier. By then, it was time to meet up with friends for a wine/pizza contest at a local winery. Hello..can't skip that for running! (giggle)

And then Sunday I spent from 4:00 am to noon volunteering at the Omaha Triathlon. By the time I left, I HAD to get out of the sun...and running in it didn't sound good.

I should have gone to the gym to run...but didn't.

A lazy afternoon felt WONDERFUL!!! :-) :-)

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