Thursday, August 12, 2010

08/12/10 (4 mi, 10:35 pace)

Tuesday was miserably hot and humid for my run.

Yesterday was so much better!!!!

Today was almost worse than Tuesday.

It's a weather roller coaster here in Omaha, NE. :-)

I decided to run a different route this morning. I'll only be able to run it in the early am, as 3/4 of a mile is along a somewhat busy road/highway with no sidewalks (but PLENTY of shoulder).

I might reverse the direction I went though.

The section I started with has some seriously creepy old sidewalks, along and even creepier dark road. If I keep going that way first, I'm going to need to start running with my headlamp on. I have really strong ankles (18 years of dance to thank!)....but those sidewalks are killer in the dark.

For the first time this morning, since I've started this whole process, I actually found myself wondering why the heck I'm doing it? Why am I getting up at 5 am to sweat profusely and torture myself....4 days a week?

It would feel so good to get that extra hour of sleep each morning. It would be much cheaper to stop shrinking out of all of my clothes, and have to constantly replace my whole wardrobe over and over.

Being a lazy slug is so much easier. (giggle)

But......I love the change in my body...the smaller clothes...the increased self-confidence....the sense of accomplishment.

The labored breathing, the sweat running in my eyes (I really need to find a non-cheesy sweat band, stat!), the need for deep tissue massages (ouch!)'s all worth it.

Every painful, uncomfortable bit!

The second I walk in the door, and sit down at my laptop to download my run info.....I feel good.

It's addicting.

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