Wednesday, August 18, 2010

08/18/10 (2 mi, 10:21 pace)

My dog has the most amazing internal clock. My alarm goes off at 5:00 am. She comes into the room and wakes me up at 4:59. It's completely amazing to me.

It's also a bummer, as I'm a snooze hitter. Not only is she depriving me of that 1 minute....she's actually keeping me from the next 9 as well. :-)

(Hubby loves it!)

I got right up, put both dogs out, got changed and out the door earlier than usual. Mentally, I was awake and ready to go.

It was apparent very soon into the run that my body didn't necessarily echo that same sentiment. My running was stiff and forced. Both of my legs (but more so my right) were not happy to be out running.

I ran a different route hoping it would help keep my mind focused on other things....and it worked a little. :-)


Liz said...

I'm actually proud of you for not running 4 miles despite your pain. I think you shouldn't punish those shin splints too much. Kudos to you for getting out there. Dogs are the best! I have a yellow lab whose is also a great alarm clock.

Nej said...

@ Liz - it must be a lab thing. I almost don't need an alarm clock now. And her wet nose is a happier way to wake up than that buzzing anyway! :-) :-)

Jamie said...

Oh that would annoy me but I would love it too. Good job on stopping when you had the pain and not pushing it too much.

Nej said...

After all the injuries and physical therapy I've had to go through, I'm a master at listening to my body. It's like dealing with a small kid, you have to figure out when it's really hurting, and when it's just whining because it doesn't want to get out of bed. :-) :-)