Tuesday, August 24, 2010

08/24/10 (4 mi, 10:25 pace)

I actually paid a little attention to my splits today. I didn't pay attention while I was running. I don't run with a garmin, or running watch...but I did check it out when I got home and uploaded my run.

The first mile was 11:27...but I walked the first tenth of a mile as a warm stretch out a little. It was the last three miles that impressed me.

I ran them at 8:14, 8:12 and 8:12. I take a walk break here and there, when my body tells me it can't run any longer. The breaks usually last no more than 30 seconds. But, even with those breaks, I still managed to keep my last three miles almost exactly at the same pace.

Last week, my long 6 mile run splits were 8:14, 8:14, 8:14, 8:22, 9:23, 9:23 (I was getting tired there at the end!)

A 4 mile run last week, 8:13, 8:13, 8:13, 9:02.

Some people want to run with music..or audio books...because the sound of their breathing annoys them.

I'm quite the opposite.

I'm the same way when singing. There are those with perfect pitch, the members of the group that can stop you in a rehearsal when things start going south.

I'm the one with the rhythm gene. I should have been a percussionist. There's an internal beat inside me....and I can tell immediately if we're speeding up or slowing down.

I'm the same way while running. I breathe with my footfalls, and I can tell when that breathing is getting any slower or faster. I may not take consistent walk breaks, but while running, I can keep a pace.

On many of my runs, I get a song stuck in my head....and repeat it over and over as I run. Some days, it's the most annoying thing...and some days I don't notice that I'm doing it. :-)


Heidi said...

You're just like me. I don't like to run with music and love to listen to everything around me. I usually find my breathing sounds kind of comforting. And yes, I have songs repeat over and over in my mind. The other day it was that new one by Eminem and Rihanna (Love The Way You Lie)

Awesome pace you've got going on!!

Nej said...

I guess I figure, if I'm going to run outside, I may as well "be" outside. I can run inside on the treadmill with music any day. :-)

Comforting, that's exactly the word!!!

Liz said...

Heidi- I was walking on the treadmil Sunday and listening to a news report about that very song and how it's contoversial because it's about domestic vilence. I think it would have been better just to listen to the song vs. Annoying me with the critism of the song.

Heidi said...

Liz - I heard the same thing about that song, and thought it myself when I first heard it ... but really you can't help what gets caught in your brain. :) But, if they want to talk about it being controversial - well, sadly it's reality for too many people and maybe it will get people talking and not have it be such a closet issue.

Nej said...

I feel completely out of touch, I don't even think I've heard it, that I know of. Now curiosity is killing me.