Tuesday, August 10, 2010

08/10/10 (4 mi, 11:05 pace)

80 degrees, 79% humidity at 5:00 am.


Today was a slog, more than a run.

I was breathing soup instead of air.

It was more of a walk with run breaks...rather than a run with walk breaks.

I knew it was going to be bad, when within the first mile I was already thinking to myself..."I could get away with only doing 2 today."

Today 100% tested my dedication to this running thing. :-)


Brook said...

I'm glad you made it. You did didn't you? Just stay hydrated!!!!! Heat stroke sucks.

Nej said...

Yep, I made it!!!!

On these shorter runs I have a 10 oz handheld water bottle I take with me...but now that my weekend runs are getting longer, I need to research and get something else.

Brook said...

I'll say, that doesn't seem like very much to me. I got heat stroke when I was a kid and have been sensitive to the heat ever since. Actually I think I'm just more aware than I would be otherwise. Anywho-when is your big race again? Wait, there's a countdown on the blog. *doh*

Nej said...

If I drink too much while running, I get really sick. I'm not taking plain water, I'm taking an electrolyte enhanced fluid, which helps keep my belly a little less upset. I'm working on making sure I drink LOTS of fluids during the day...and that helps. Keeping my body hydrated during the day is a big deal I'm told. (if left to my own devices, I'd drink nothing during the day at all...I just don't get that thirsty) Also, I'm running when it's still dark out for the most part (before work, out the door by 5:30 at the latest). It's all trial and error to see what this is all new territory for me. It's kinda fun figuring it all out!! :-)