Sunday, August 22, 2010

08/22/10 (6 mi, 10:27 pace)

Well...I hadn't run since Wednesday morning before work. That last deep tissue massage really felt like it did more damage than good (mental note: find new therapist).

But, I got up and hit the trail Sunday at 7:00 am. Was hoping to get out there earlier, to beat the sun (and the heat)....but couldn't sleep that night. Ended up with about 3 hours of sleep.

Probably not the best situation for running, but I was determined to go anyway. :-)

Last week, after my long run, I was excited about the half marathon I've signed up for.

This week after my long run, I can't believe that I was crazy enough to sign up for the race!

Some guy ran past me....with quite the running style. I'm not sure how he's not hobbled in pain. His body did not look comfy while running....but he went right around me and on his merry way. I watched him go with the green eyes of envy. :-)

Most of the runners on the trail that morning were very friendly. All saying "hi" or "good morning"....and at least waving and smiling.

One gentleman was walking his dog. Well, no.....his dog was walking 10 or so feet in front of him without a leash. It normally doesn't bother me...especially when it's a golden retriever. How can you NOT smile at a golden?

I said hi to his dog, and the dude came around the corner with a look of murder in his eyes.

Apparently, that trail belongs to him and only him. And it was a bother for him to have to gather it up by his collar when I ran by. Plus, what was I going to do, steal his dog? I was soaked in sweat, dying in the high humidity, dripping all over. I was in no shape to get myself back to my car, let along a dog!!! :-)

How can someone that owns such a sweet dog, be such a jerk???

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