Tuesday, August 17, 2010

08/17/10 (4 mi, 9:58 pace)

I sat at my desk all day today, watching it rain outside.

Pour outside is more like it.

I love running in the rain, and was bummed I had to skip my run this morning. Agony just isn't my thing. :-)

So, when I got home, I was excited to change into my running clothes and head out. I put on a hat (to keep the rain out of my eyes), and even thought about taking a jacket (then decided against it...I'm soaking wet when I get back any other time, at least rain is a little less stinky). :-)

I walk outside gingerly. Just the pressure of my compression sleeves and running capris on my bruises is killer.

It's not raining. Not one little drop. (sigh)

The first mile was horrible. Every step I wanted to turn around and go back.

The bruises wrap around behind my knees, so every time I bend my legs, it puts pressure on them. What the heck was I doing out there???

After a mile, I stopped noticing it as much.


Because my right calf muscle seized. I was no longer running with two legs...I was running with one leg, and one rock attached to a peg leg. What the heck was I doing out there???

I stopped a couple of times to stretch out that right leg, and eventually, it loosened up.

I also didn't notice the pain from the deep tissue massage bruises either.

Figures, I'm just about done, and the pain goes away! (giggle)

I didn't think I'd make the full 4 miles today. I was aiming for 2. When I hit 2, I just kept going.....same when I hit 3.

There was no way I was giving up. No pain, no gain.

At least, that's what "they" say...whoever "they" are.

So, I end my run at my scheduled 4 miles. I look down at my nike sportband to see how horrible my time ended up being.

I looked. I looked up, shook my head, and look back down.

I looked up, rubbed my eyes, and looked back down.

9:58 pace???

With stretch breaks, excruciating pain, and a cramped up right calf.....I ran under a 10 minute mile pace????

Well slap my bum and call my Judy** .....I guess the run wasn't so bad after all!!!!!! :-) :-)

** not every day I can use that in a conversation, now is it???


Heidi said...

Awesome (about the pace .. not the pain). I do not love running in the rain. We get so much of it through the fall/winter that I never get a chance to miss it. I do however run in it (not much choice, eh?) and you're right, you get wet anyway, may as well not be as stinky.

Nej said...

I so very often get to do it, that I still think it's cool. If it was all the time, I can see how I'd get sick of it really quickly! :-)