Thursday, August 5, 2010

08/05/10 (4 mi, 10:18 pace)

Apparently I hit my snooze this morning.....twice in fact. :-) I didn't realize it until I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. I got out the door about 15 minutes later than I usually do.

The bad part was rushing to get ready for work after the run, but the good part was running just as the sun was coming up...instead of seeing it start to get light just as I'm finishing my run.

I actually enjoy running in the dark, when no one is around, and the world is sleeping. It's lonely though, sometimes. I'd love to find a running partner...but I never see anyone running in our neighborhood. I've read that I can't take Sam (our 9 month old black lab pup) running with me until she's two years old. She's still growing, and the long distance running will actually harm her bones...and that's the last thing I want.

I do, on the other hand, need to start walking with her more regularly. I've run with her once (before I found out that I shouldn't be)...and she did remarkably well....but I focused on keeping her where she should be, instead of my running. It might be a good distraction, but it was physically exhausting. :-)

Today I walked quite a bit more during my run than I usually do. This is the third night with less than stellar sleep, so I think it's finally catching up. I wasn't even a mile into the run, and I was beat. Luckily Friday is my rest day.....that extra hour of sleep should feel great!


Allie said...

I would love to find a running partner too, no one runs here, I used to run with my cousin before I moved and it was great, the miles sure went by faster.

Nej said...

Between me being so darned shy, and the fact I run so's hard to find people.

The few times I've run with someone else, the miles FLEW by!!! :-)