Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Week 2, Day 2

(But since I forgot to download week 2 on my iPod for Monday, it's actually Week 2 Day 1 of the new running program.)


Actually, it wasn't that bad. Week 1 was 60 seconds bouts of running....week 2 is 90 seconds. Not too bad really. I had to mentally talk myself through the last set though......that one was hard.

I peeked at week 3.....there are 3 MINUTE periods of running!! How fair is that? Go from 90 seconds one week to 3 minutes the next????? What sadistic person came up with this training schedule?? :-)

I was almost starting to feel the first itchings of shin splints this morning....but I feel fine now. Need to find new stretches specifically geared to keep them away. Must spend some time with google this afternoon!!! :-0

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