Monday, July 13, 2009


Monday the 13th. :-)

There is something to be said for this running stuff. I'm down another pound!!!! I'm usually not a person to track progress by weight...but my clothes aren't feeling any different yet. So...we'll stick with weight for now. :-)

Because I was at the gym Saturday am, I saw my trainer. Stopped by to say hi to her. She was so excited to see me (she doesn't work early am shifts)....and said she could see big changes in the way I looked. I'm not convinced though. :-)

I'm still feeling pain in my lower legs...but it's not in the front of my's on the insides. Makes me wonder if I don't have foot issues that need addressed. My arches don't appear to be fallen or anything, but that doesn't mean they still might not be out of whack. Think I'll call the doc and make an appt. Maybe she can refer me to a person that does running evals?? I know my shoulder physical therapist I'll ask to go there if I can.

Today was the first time running the 3rd week of the program. (even though this is the 4th week of running) Intervals of running 90 seconds, then walk, then run 3 minutes, walk, 90 seconds, walk...etc, etc.

3 FRIGGIN' MINUTES!!! Ugh!!! But, I handled it like a champ today I think.

I also think I need to start wearing a headband of some dorky as it looks. I'm sick of the sweet dripping in my eyes!!! :-)

Oh, and on a positive note, I found my heart monitor watch!!!!!!! :-)

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