Monday, August 3, 2009


Well....I'm back at it again today. After trying on those shoes last Thursday at the running store, I could barely walk up and down stairs on Friday and Saturday. The pain on the inside of my calf was horrible!!

Won't be buying those shoes. :-) :-)

We went back to the store to try on the others they suggested (but didn't have my size that night). I bought them, and used them the first time this morning.

I can tell that they are changing the way I need to use them a few more times to know for sure if they will work.

I started the week 5 program over again today. I'm going to do day 1 of the week 5 program all three days this week. I'm not going to be as aggressive as the program is asking. I'm not training to win any races, I'm just running to lose I have the flexibility to take it a little slower.

Need to start doing some weight training. Guess I need to start getting up on my 2 off weekdays and doing it then. Getting ready for work at the gym...5 days a week....yuck. But...oh well! :-)

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