Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's been a while since my last post. With having to travel to New Mexico for grandpa's has just kinda gotten away from me. I did spend an hour on the treadmill while I was down there...yeah me!

And I've been to the gym two of my three times this week. So I'm getting back on track.

As for's the same ole same ole. Lose 2 pounds, gain a pound, lose a pound, gain 3. No rhyme or rhythm to it. Very frustrating!!!!!

I'm run/walking 2 miles three times a week. Need to step it up a little. I've recently came into some extra money, so I might invest in some personal training sessions, to get me into weight training more. And, maybe even look at getting a bike trainer so I can ride my bike at home. I need to get into biking shape.....and starting on the trainer should help.

Maybe, if I have enough energy left after work tonight, I'll head out on a ride after dinner. I keep hoping Mot will want to start joining me...but pretty sure he won't. It's supposed to be soooo nice out the next couple of days!!!! I need to get outside and enjoy it a little more.

Do some work outside the house. Get that gazebo enclosed into a shed. Work on the front flower bed. Get some grass seed planted in the middle of the side lot...where it's all dying for some strange reason.

All of these things are good for my health...and they need done. Two birds, one stone. Right????


Carmi said...

You've inspired me to get on my own bike and log some miles. Or kilometres - the Canadian in me!

Nej said...

@ Carmi - It's always fun to hear you inspire someone to do something. Brings some inspiration to me hearing you say that. Thanks!! :-)