Monday, August 10, 2009


Back at it. I missed one day last week.....for no other reason than the fact I had other things to do Saturday am.

Bad Nej!

I have, though, ditched the podrunner intervals for now. I can't run on the ground, without treadmill...or I get serious shin running in an actual 5 and 10K is probably out for now.

So....I'm just doing intervals. Run 3 minutes, walk 2, run 3 minutes, walk 3....etc.

I was sweating like a pig, raising my heart rate...and got in a good workout. Period. :-)

And, to make the day more interesting...I did get to set my Nike iSport thing. Spent half of the workout calibrating I can't wait to use it on Wednesday...and compare the mileage to what the treadmill says I'm doing. Wouldn't mind taking it outside to try it on land....but that will have to wait. :-)

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