Friday, February 27, 2009


In every life, you will find a defining moment. A turning point. A detour on that road they call life.

How we deal with those detours is up to us. How we react, recoup, and re-evaluate is in no ones hands but our own.

This blog is here for me, and me alone. Although, visitors and friends are always welcome!!!!

I created it to talk about one thing in particular. I don't want to bore the readers of my other blog, so I brought it here. Most (many, all...) won't find their way onto it. And those that do probably won't return.

I'm not trying to win awards, entertain the masses, or get a point across. I'm just trying to be me. Regular old me, dealing with regular old weight gain. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting.....

Here's my weight gain story, in a nutshell. The beginning of the story, and what has happened since.

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