Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm here, I'm alive, I'm frustrated, but I'm getting back up on that horse.

Once I found out I couldn't run on anything but a treadmill, thus eliminating my chances of competing in 5 and 10K races, duathlons, etc.....well, I just gave up. All my motivation was gone.

It's been a number of weeks now.

I finally went to my doctor, and got a physical therapy prescription. My first PT session was Monday. I'm seeing my shoulder reconstruction physical therapist. He worked some miracles on my shoulder, hoping he can help with the legs now.

After a one hour sit down with him, I feel so much better...mentally. He said my weight had nothing to do with the's my calf muscle injury from last year...still reeking havoc. But he's confident he'll have me running outside soon!!!! I need to start getting my lazy butt out of bed before work in the am again. After three weeks, it's going to be hard!!!!! All low impact for me, for right now. Eliptical and lots of cycling. But, eventually, I'll be out there running with the rest of the crazy folk. :-)

I gained back all (and then some) of the weight I'd lost since June 22, when I started running. I'm really frustrated about it.....but am going to do something about it. Period. This roll of fat hanging over my waistband when I sit down is GOING AWAY!!!!

I am woman....hear me roar!!!

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