Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome Back Kotter

Well....I'm back. It's been a long time coming, but it feels good.

Working out in the evenings just isn't going to work. I try and I try....but my evenings are always so darned full. And the nights they aren't full, are so rare, that I want to be home to enjoy them. Not at the gym working out.

So, this morning I did it. I worked out before work. I sweated my life away...then showered at the gym.


You know...if it wasn't for the humidity in the locker really wasn't that bad. I took flip flops to wear in the shower....I took one of those wrap around towel things that Velcro at the I didn't have to worry about trying to cover up with the 1 x 1 towels they give you there. :-)

When I got into the locker room, there were two people getting ready for work...and they were gone when I got out of the shower...then one other lady showed up. wasn't horribly busy. That was nice.

I'm starting a couch to 5K running program I found on Podrunner. I loaded the first week's workout onto my iPod and off I went.

When I've tried to run before, I always start out too hard. And end up hurting myself. Getting shin splints, shredding calf muscles. Ugh!!!

So, I'm going to do it right this time.

As I was working out today, I felt like a little bit of a slacker...since it has me mostly walking...with intervals of running. But, I can still walk when I leave the gym, and don't wake up in pain the next maybe slow and steady is the way to go?? :-) :-)

I ate horribly this weekend, while is Des Moines with Mel and Sheila.....but turned it back around yesterday.

The one thing I really don't like about working out in the am, is that I can't make my smoothie those days. Unless I bring all the stuff here, and make them here. And that's not going to happen. :-) So, instead, I bought some whole wheat bagels and light cream cheese to eat here on the days I work out.

I'm going to start doing this only 3 times a I don't get burnt out. Then, I'll increase when I get more into a routine about it. This has GOT TO stick this time. I can't STAND being so darned embarrassed when in my swim suit while out kayaking!!!!!!! This has got to end!!!

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Brook said...

I waas going to ask about what you did and how it went...YAY! You can do it! And heck-bathing suits suck-I wish those sexy glam suits from the 50's would come back in style instead of the butt floss that is so prevelant these days. Oh well. I love bagels and cream cheese-and smoothies too of course. So glad to hear that the shower has started off so well and hope it will continue! I'll be checking back!