Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take 2!!

Yep, I did it.  I'm doing a "take 2" on the full marathon journey. 

This morning I signed myself up for a full in 2012. 

As my aunt said this morning on FB "Some people register for distance running events in Hawaii...or along the gorgeous coast of California. So far I've done Little Rock, Des Moines and in 2012....Fargo!!!!!"

Substitute Lincoln, NE in place of Little Rock......and it could have been me speaking instead!!!

As I'm still trying to figure out the pains in my legs....signing up for another full is a bit daunting, to say the least.  I'm going to have to train over the winter...but my long runs won't hit until next spring.  (the idea of running 16, 18, 20 miles on frozen ice and snow DOES kinda sound ridiculously absurd fun, in a straight-jacket frozen eyelashes and water bottles sort of way)


(PS...has anyone else noticed that Blogger spell check thinks Des Moines is spelled incorrectly?)


C2Iowa said...

Yes - Des Moines never gets picked up by blogger. Oh well. Youve already registered for the IMT (2012)?

Nej said...

@ C2 - no, I haven't registered for IMT 2012. Still deciding on next year's October event. Do I go where I have before (last year IMT, this year St. Louis, etc).....or do I pick a new one. I guess I have a while to decide (hehehe). :-)

C2Iowa said...

I see. I have permanently added the IMT as an annual event starting next yr. This yr is a loss to due to my recovery.

Fran said...

How exciting Jen, can't wait to follow you on your journey to this marathon and cheer for you across the ocean.