Tuesday, August 2, 2011

08/02/11: Still sweating.....

I went to the gym this morning. My heart wasn't into it. Neither was my head.

Or my legs.

After 1 stinkin' mile on the treadmill, I didn't want to push it any more. My calves were screaming. Not the normal place in my the backs.

I think they were still sleeping too. :-)

So, in order to keep any new injury at bay (shoot me now if that were to happen), I jumped on the elliptical for the remainder of my time.

Those of you who know me, know that the elliptical if FAR from my favorite piece of gym equipment. Especially THIS one. Mot uses it all the time and seems to love I've done my best to put my elliptical feelings behind me, and use it when necessary.

At 6:45 I stopped and went to the locker room to get ready for work.

I showered, washed my hair, shaved my legs....all the normal stuff.

But it was so humid in there today that at 11:05 am, I feel as though I might still be sweating.

OK, maybe not still sweating...but I do feel like the smelly kid in school.

Do you ever feel as though the shower you just took was a silly waste of time??? That's what I feel like today. :-)~

This hot and muggy summer is about to do me in.

I laid down in bed to read last night at 8:00 pm...the weather app on my phone said it was still in the upper 90's...NOT counting the heat index.

This is nuts! I swear I start sweating just by looking at the window. :-)

36:19, 381 calories....only 381 in 40 minutes? really???? (high calorie counts burned during running, oh how I want you back - now!!!), Max HR 171, Avg HR 152


Heidi said...

Ugh, I've had days like that. Suffered through a short run myself last week. Just could not make myself do more. Luckily those days are rare. That's some crazy heat you guys have going on. We've had a cold, wet summer. Blah! :(

Nej said...

@ Heidi, we've been discussing the merits of moving to Canada...or Antarctica. :-)

Fran said...

In that case Holland would be an option too LOL We're having a cold wet Summer like Heidi. Not fun, not even for me who doesn't particularly likes heat.

I am always a bit disappointed at the calorie burn after using the elliptical :)

I think you did great by making a smart decision not to torture your legs more and switch to a different machine.

Nej said...

@ Fran - didn't you say there was a cute house for sale near you? (hehehehehe) Cold wet summer, here I come!!!!! :-)