Monday, August 8, 2011

08/08/11: Becomming one with the yoga...

I think I'm really going to get into this whole yoga thing.

I've always been intrigued by it. I've always enjoyed it, in the class I would take once a twice a year, here and there, at the gym. But now that I'm going (somewhat) regularly, I'm really starting to like it. Really like it.

The class on Monday morning starts at 5:30. At 5:25 I was the only one there. I was secretly hoping that no one else would private lesson! But 4 others trickled in right at the 5:30. Darn. :-)

It's not, technically, a "hot yoga" class....but she does turn the heat up to around 80F (27C) or so. Plenty warm enough for me. (hehehe)

I'm a pretty flexible person. Well...most of me.

My hamstrings, not so much. But hopefully these classes will help a little with that.

One can only hope, right?!?!?!

Last time I took the class, I grabs hand weights (the class is called yoga strength, she incorporates weights with the poses) that were a slight bit too heavy for my still weak right shoulder. This week I grabbed weights that were much too light.

Next week...jjjuuuussssst right. :-)

The sweat was rolling, the muscles were burning....felt great!

58:57, 483 calories, Max HR 166, Avg HR 133

***I found this image on another blog...not sure of the original source of the picture.

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