Thursday, August 4, 2011

08/04/11: Yoga for Runners, week 2

Class was great...again!

A few of the high points....
1) It wasn't my first time trying to find the place, so I was on time. (for those of you who don't know me, 5 minutes early is late for being 10 minutes late was a little frustrating)
2) Since I wasn't late, I was able to set up in the back of the class.....and the instructor called me on it. "Ah-ha...on time today so you can sit in the back." Another reason I really like her, her sense of humor fits perfectly with mine!
3) Yoga, while sometimes makes those muscles burn, and gets the heart a pumpin'....feels great! It really does. There are no judgements. If you need to bend your legs in downward dog, bend 'em. Etc, etc....

A few low (no, not low - just not high) points....
1) I'm still, 5 years after my shoulder reconstructive surgery, terrified of doing things like side planks, that require all of your body weight to be placed on the fixed shoulder. But....I did them. The whole time....without stopping. Woohoo!!
2) Mental note: do NOT wear my compression running capris to yoga. Can we all say horrendous muffin top??
3) While there are no judgements made by others in the class....there WAS judgement coming from myself. Yes, I'm fairly flexible, in some regards. But when it comes to hamstrings - ha! Mine are about 7 miles shorter than everyone else, I swear! :-)

So, this weeks' topic...the core.

I have so much work to do.

When we lived in MV, I used to keep a core ball beside the bed....I'd do situps every night. We've lived here for 4 years now....and my core is sad! She added to our "homework" assignment for the week. We're still to do 4 each of Sun Salutation A and B....but now we're to add sets of modified boat pose situps.

Ugh! :-)

Not a huge calorie burn (433), but 90 minutes of information and relaxation...mixed in with the brutalness yoga is good at!


Fran said...

I have a lousy core too, really need to work on that.

I prefer to do yoga in workout clothes that aren't too tight. I never wear my running outfits when I do yoga. Time to treat yourself to some nice yoga pants and tops?

Nej said...

@ I put those pants in the "running only" pile...and have worn clothes that were much more loose the last couple of weeks. (giggle)