Sunday, August 28, 2011

08/28/11: I would walk five hundred miles....

OK....we didn't go 500 miles today....but I love that song....and my 7 mile run today felt like 500.

No, it's not that it was horrible...or never ending. It's just that I haven't been able to run 7 miles at a time since this spring.

It's amazing!!!

The love I had for running is returning.

No, it's not pain free. But, that's never going to happen.

It's that I could actually finish 7 miles, and not want to cut my legs off below the knees.


This injury, for the time being, is's wonderful!!!!!

Sis and I met at Lake Zorinsky. (They've been draining it for the last couple of kill off zebra mussels, or some such thing.....and the drained lake stinks. We call it Lake Stinky.)

Anyway, this summer, they've started letting it fill back the smell isn't there much at all....and we can stand to run around it again. Yay!

We met on the boat ramp side of the lake....only to find about 100 or so other people in the parking lot.

Last week we ran downtown, and the Omaha Corporate Cycling Challenge was going on......this weekend we pick a lake hosting a Huntington's Disease Medical Research fun run/walk fundraiser.

If you'd like to run in the busiest part of Omaha....go where Nej and Inny go...apparently! :-)

The first three miles were brutal. My legs were doing that thing were I can't pick up my feet. It's the strangest feeling, I swear! But, after 3 miles, it went away, and the second half of the run was great!!

It's so much fun running with Inny. We both know that we can stop when we need...go faster when we need...go slower when we need. We both know that any time a cat is on the path, we have to stop and pet it. We both smile and wave at the other people on the trail.

We're sisters, we "get" each other.

The clouds rolled in the last mile or so....and by the time we left, it was sprinkling. We were both hoping it would start while we were running....but no such luck.



7.01 miles, 1:27:41, 12:30 overall average pace (doing her 1:1 intervals), Max HR 185, Avg HR 169, 777 calories, 8:00 start - 67 degrees (19C)


Eternal Lizdom said...

Good for you!!!

Funny- I love that song, too! Also funny- I'm part of a challenge to rack up 500 miles in one year by run, walk, or bike. :)

Nej said...

@ Liz - my count this year is pretty low...considering all the time I couldn't run at all. Ugh!! 277 miles, from Jan 1 to now.

I suppose I'd have quite a few more if I could keep track of my spin class miles. :-)

Anna P said...

nice job on the 7! I havent run that distance for over 2 months! I miss it!

Nej said...

@ Anna - I was missing it too. Stupid injured legs. But it was nice to finally get back to it....slow or not. :-)