Sunday, August 14, 2011

08/14/11: Summer Colds S*ck.....

I caught myself a good old fashioned summer cold on Friday. By Saturday, it was in full swing. By the time Sunday rolled around, I was ready for it to leave.

So, I did what any (crazy) runner would do....I employed the "I'm going to sweat it out" theory.

My body had chosen to rid itself of the virus by pushing it out, via my nose, in buckets of snot.

So, I chose to help rid my body on contaminants by also forcing them out via sweat.

That's right, I went for a run.

The longest run I've had in months actually, 5 whole miles!!!

If it wasn't for the fact that my sinuses were going to explode through my cheekbones, and the fact that breathing through my nose was nearly would have been a good run.

We were in North Platte visiting Mot's side of the family (Wine Barrel Bar-B-Q competition time), and I always try to get in at least one run along the lake.

Because of my cold, I'd slept in longer than it was warmer than I'd wanted...but it was still gorgeous. Blue skies, and no wind until the last couple of miles.

Traffic was nearly non-existent, and I passed (and was passed) by quite a few other runners out enjoying the quiet.

I took my camera along with me, to get some nice shots of the lake along my run.....but pretty much forgot I had it with me until the end.

(sitting on their back patio....gasping for breathe and emptying a box of kleenex)

I'd pretty much zoned out everything. I was ignoring my cold, I was ignoring the fact my legs didn't hurt at all, I was ignoring the wind, ignoring the sun beating down on me, ignoring the group of triathletes passing me not once, but twice.

I thought some about the upcoming half marathons I have on my schedule and wondered if I'd be ready. I thought about my life in general, and how lucky I am. Life's little things have been stressing me out quite a bit lately.....and I needed a reboot.

I have a job that pays the bills, and isn't (in all honesty) THAT stressing. Sure, it has it's ups and downs...but it's not that bad.

I have a hubby that loves me completely, and puts up with my crap. And I his. No matter what, our fights are over quickly, they never last long. And they are usually over the silliest of little things.

Outside of this current cold, I'm healthy. I'm active, and getting back into shape. I'm getting out there to do the things I love......and wish I had more time. (We haven't had our kayaks out once yet this year.)

I'm surrounded by the best friends a person could ask for. We laugh, we hang out, we have fun, we provide ears to each other for venting, shoulders to each other for crying.....

My run pace was horrible, I just couldn't breathe. But, I got out there and did it. My legs carried me the whole way with little to no complaining whatsoever.

What more could I ask for?

59:03, 11:48 overall average pace, 559 calories, Max HR 193, Avg HR 175

Mile 1, 10:55 ("this isn't too bad")
Mile 2, 11:36 ("oh crap, I didn't bring any kleenex with me")
Mile 3, 12:27 ("why am I doing this again?")
Mile 4, 12:14 ("I could be in bed right now")
Mile 5, 11:48 ("almost done...thank gawd!")

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