Wednesday, August 10, 2011

08/10/11: Sweaty elbows.....

I think I have sweaty elbows. For real. I mean, where else does all of that sweat come from? It drips off of my Polar watch and down to the floor in spin class. It's not running down my arm from my shoulder, I'd feel that.

Maybe it's not my elbows? Maybe it's just that I have sweaty forearms??

Either way, it's kinda funny! :-)

Anyway, today was my Wednesday morning spin class.

MY class? (giggle) Well, I'm officially a regular now. Every week she asks if anyone is new, and this week she said "I don't need to ask today. I recognize you all."

I'm not enough of a regular, though, that she calls out my name while we're she does with some of the others.

"Great job Steve!"
"Keep it up Becca!"
"I see you pushing it Bill!"

Oh well...maybe someday. :-)

1:02:50, 611 calories, Max HR 177, Avg HR 149

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