Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years and Happy Birthday

Last week was Christmas...yesterday was New Years Day....and today is my birthday. The last two weeks of the year are always very busy around here. :-)

"Santa" got me my Garmin forerunner yesterday, and I just HAD to take it out for a test spin today.

We (Inny, Doug, Mot and I) were going to run yesterday to ring in the new year ("Hair of the Dog run")....but, due to the "holiday cheer" experienced Friday night, three of the four backed out.

Mot was on shift all night, and didn't get one wink of sleep.....Inny and Doug were out ballroom dancing the night away....and Sam and I sprawled on the couch, watched horrible TV until 10:00 pm, and then called it a night.

Bet you can guess which of the three cancelled out on the run.

The three with a life.


But, as I was running this morning I decided I was actually glad we didn't run yesterday. Today was my first run with the new running watch, it was my birthday, and it was slightly warmer than New Years morning (-11 when I checked at 9:00 am). Today's 2 degrees was a heatwave compared to that!! :-)

I really, really, really, really, really need to order my replacement shoes one of these days! I made my last retired pair of shoes into screw shoes (they can in REALLY handy today)...but every time I run in them, I remember why I retired them. They're kaput!

There were only a handful of people out running this I had the trail around Lake Zorinsky pretty much to myself. and a few squirrels.

New Years eve brought quite a bit of sleet and ice.....and then a nice little dusting of snow on top. The trail was slick, but I never once lost traction. (Thanks again James!!) I crunched and crushed around for 7 miles in about an hour and twenty minutes. Not a land speed record....but I'll take it.

I haven't really been running regularly lately...and I felt it today. It took every once of willpower I possess to not stop when I neared my car (at the half way point). I continued on, and was very glad I did. (11:45 avg pace)

But, I'm ALWAYS glad I stick it out....always glad when I get out there and run. I always wonder why it's so easy to stop doing it...when I love it so much. I suppose it's kinda like asking for the answer to the ultimate question of life.


Anyway.....I got up, I ran, I showered (until I was pruney), and now I think I'm going to eat lunch and head out. I have some birthday and xmas gift cards burning a hole in my wallet!

Happy running, and happy new year everybody!!!!!!!!!!



Fran said...

Happy belated birthday Nej. Cool birthday present you've got and great run too.

I know what you mean, I ran outside today after two weeks with only 1 run (on a treadmill) and I loved being outside again. I'm going to try to beat all kinds of weather from now on because running outside is so much better than on the dreadmill.

Nej said...

I always feel good about myself when I'm done.....but I feel even better knowing that I didn't let the weather get in the way.

Probably silly, but it's kinda fun when you tell people you ran that day, and they look at you like you're nuts. :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on how you like the Garmin. I'm thinking this might be my reward for getting to goal (if I get there!) but I'm jus tnot sure I want to invest. For my runs and the amount I run, I think the phone GPS app might be okay, but the Garmin would be way handier!

Nej said...

@ Lori- I'd been using the Runkeeper app on my phone (the free one - but...the Pro version is free if you download the month of January). It worked really well....but it was honestly a pain in the patoot. :-) Making sure my phone wasn't going to get wet...making sure I had a way to carry it that allowed me access when I wanted to check my time or miles....etc, etc. The Garmin was 1) because I love electronic gadgets 2) it's more convenient 3) I've always wanted one.


I've used it once this weekend, and love it to death. Can't wait to use it more! :-)