Thursday, January 20, 2011

01/20/11: I am one.....

I am one with the treadmill.
I am one with the treadmill.
I am one with the treadmill.


We got more crap weather last night, and I 100% completely slogged off working out yesterday.

I didn't go in the am, or after work. Do you see the large red "L" on my forehead?

While reading my Runner's World magazine last night before bed, I happened upon a pretty relevant article.

I had started reading this issue a while ago and, for some reason, hadn't finished it.

I had one of those annoying subscription cards stuck in it to save my place, and when I opened it up.....the article that was staring me in the face was about the winter blahs.

"Bingo! I need to read this one!"

It pretty much said a bunch of stuff I already know (because I'm...well...experiencing it)....but I did come away with a few little tidbits of info.

1) Treadmills are OK. As much as I want to be the bad*ss runner who runs outside no matter what, it's OK if I don't. I don't have to prove myself to anyone, but myself. I don't mind the cold or the dark....but right now running inside, where it's not dark, helps this funk. I'll just have to live with knowing that I COULD be out there no matter what. :-)

2) I shouldn't be too hard on myself for missing a day here and there. As long as I get three runs in per week (2 short - on the treadmill if needed......and one long on the weekend - outside, in the SUN!!!!!), I'll be satisfied.

3) Multi-vitamin. 'Nuff said.

So, I ran my scheduled 3 mile run at the gym this morning, and it felt great. I'm still using run/walk intervals, but increasing my speed by .1 every interval.

I'd love to just suck it up and run the full three miles without walking....but ultimately I'm getting myself ready for my half marathons and (gulp) full marathon this year....and I feel good just getting my body into the rhythm I'll be using. I can better my overall race time by increasing my run interval speed, but still use the walk breaks to avoid injury or burning out half way through the race.

Whether or not that's a good plan.....well....I guess I'll find out. :-)

(3.04 mile, 9:57 avg pace)


Andrew Opala said...

awesome pace dude! I would kill for a pace like that that would cut my 5k PR by a minute!

Nej said...

@ Andrew - Thanks!!!! With the way you're training, you'll be passing me by in no time!!!!!! :-)

C2Iowa said...
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C2Iowa said...

Well done. Brainwashing and water boarding work well. Seems that you are on the right path - so to speak.

Dont forget to work in some tempos and speedwork. I miss both of these friends. Jill had me doing them and they paid quite well in my first full (which was my forth race ever).

Keep up the good work.

btw- I spoke with my treadmill this morning and explained a few thigns to it. Main topic - stop laughing at my pace.

Nej said...

@ C2Iowa - I need to research the "speed" and "tempo" runs a little. (it's funny how new I am to this whole thing, isn't it?)

My training plan last year was "just go run".....probably should get a little more technical this year, eh? :-)

Show that treadmill who's boss. They can sense fear (and embarrassment) you know. :-)

C2Iowa said...

Nej - here is a basic link:

Heidi said...

Yeah, lately I've been choosing to be a wimp who runs on her treadmill rather than a wimp who just doesn't run because it's yucky outside. I prefer to run outdoors, but if I'm leaning towards not going because it's gross, then indoors will suffice. Spring & Summer will be here soon.

Brian said...

I hate the treadmill too, but one thing I've noticed is that after I get used to treadmill running (I usually put the incline on 2%), my outside runs get much better. Paces that I couldn't dream of inside on the treadmill feel comfortable. I'm sure it's a combination of many factors, but it's nice.

Anna P said...

Good for you!!!!!

Fran said...

I've read about the treadmill too in an issue of the Dutch Runners World. I could have told you that it's okay to run on the treadmill :)

I prefer running outside and I'm happy that the weather forecast for the next two weeks is that it's about +6 C during the day and hardly any rain (can change everyday but for now I'm happy about it) so I can keep on running outside. But if that's not possible I won't hesitate to go indoors.