Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Silly question....

OK, calling all runners. I'm new to this whole thing.

I mean, I ran most of last year, and participated in a half marathon....but there's still allot I don't know.

If, for example, a local running club announces a "quality" run....that's "USATF certified," are there any restrictions to running it?

I mean, if I show up, will I be laughed out of the place because I don't run a 5 min mile marathon pace???

No where does it state "participants must be training for Olympics and/or have won all high school and cross country races."

There is a 1 mile kids run and a 2 mile fun run in the lineup as well. But they make a point of pointing out the 8km's USATF certification.

Why does that sound like "mere mortals shalt not attend"?

What say ye?


Anonymous said...

USATF certified means that you can use the time acheived as a qualifying time for entry in other runs where you have to list your pace. (It might mean other things, too, but this what I know.) Certain runs require proof than you can run a certain pace in order to start in the corrals close to the start. All of the runs I've done have been USATF certified and I'm a snail and have never been laughed off the course. Go for it!

Nej said...

I got online and found the finishing times for past years....and I'll be coming in last for sure. But it still sounds like fun!!!! I might have to check it out!

Andrew Opala said...

LoriV's got it, it also means the distance with minimal tangents is no shorter than the listed distance.

I don't know if you follow Jill, my coach, but give her a shout. She's awesome and been running for a million years and a coach for about 100 years ... or something like that.

Run With Jill

C2Iowa said...

Nej - just as Lori stated. Run it.

Andrew is correct - Jill is awesome. If you are interested; give her a shout.

Faith Ann said...

I don't have a remark related to this post, but I had to comment that I love that you have your weather posted on your blog in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

I only know Celsius temperatures and have no idea what people are talking about when they say it's -7F!

Nej said...

@ Andrew and C2Iowa - I haven't been to her blog...but I'm going to check her out (hehehe) later today!!!! Thanks for the recommendation.

@ Faith Ann - That's why I did it, I was having the same problem. I know the F's, but not how it relates to the C's. :-) :-)

Fran said...

Can't help you, no idea what it means, sorry.