Monday, March 7, 2011

5 whole days!!!!

That's how long it's been since I've run.

The reason, quite honestly, is fear. My legs feel fine.....but if I run tomorrow and I find those shin splints are still hiding out, I may have to throw a hissy fit.

Two year old style.

One the ground.....kicking and punching.....whining and crying. The works! :-)

I was going to try a run on Sunday. It wouldn't be the 7 miles on the schedule, but it would have been something.

Then the voice in the back of my head said "Nej - relax. You have a half on the first of May. That's plenty of time. Give it a few more days. Don't make it worse."

Starting today everything is back on track. Yoga this morning....and my first run of the week on Tuesday.

I've been sitting around trying to figure out what brought me back to where I was a year ago.

What the heck???

I've got it narrowed down to two things.....

1) I actually stuck with all of my runs on the schedule the week before. I hadn't been able to do that for months. So....technically, my mileage probably increased faster than it should have.

2) that nasty speed workout on the mushy track. Sure, the distance was fine, the speed was fine....but running in that mess really put allot of pressure on some of my calf muscles. And then I did a long run a few days later, on calves that were still sore. So I was overcompensating.

For those of you who are new to my problem.....the pain isn't on the front of my legs, or the outside of my legs, or even the back of my legs....all the normal places people feel shin splints (from what I've been told). Nope, it runs along the inside of my legs....from my ankles to my knees. Both sides. When I'm not running, I hardly know it's there.....but when I'm running.....well....when I'm running I know it's there, let's just put it that way.

I've had MRI's, xrays, two docs, one specialist and three physical therapists. Allot of exercises, ice packs, People magazine reading in waiting rooms, video analysis, shoe style changes, compression sleeves, etc, etc, etc.

The final consensus.....1) my pelvis was slightly out of alignment 2) my leg muscles are horribly imbalanced, and thus pulling away from tendons and bones (???? this sounds really grotesque and 18th century when I think about it) 3) my arches are insanely high.

Deep tissue massage (torture), wearing compression sleeves while running, and mild arch supports seemed to be the right combination. got me through training and running a half marathon without pain.

So.....I've gone 5 days now without running. I was so antsy last night, I nearly was out the door and running at 8:00 pm (I rarely if EVER run at night). But...I stuck to my guns.

Wait it out....give it some time.

Well.....time's up!!! I'm running tomorrow. I'm running Wednesday. I'm running Thursday...and I"m running in the 5mile St. Louis St Patty's Parade run on Saturday.

I have a deep tissue massage (shoot me now) scheduled for tomorrow after work.

I'm done playing games. :-)


Faith Ann said...

I can sooooo sympathize. I haven't run in several days either (for a variety of issues, I need to write a blog post!).

I've actually done some soul-searching and decided that I'm better off running a couple of 10k's this spring.

I think I need a stronger/better base and should work towards a half in the fall. I'm not in the same place I was a year and a half ago when the half marathon distance felt easy compared to the marathon! Sighhh... it's a big decision and kind of a let-down.

C2Iowa said...

Oh have the mental demons begun to play...

Your problem sounds painful - needless to say. I am no expert, but the conditions of the track must have done some bad work on you.

Arches? Arches? what are those? I have a small arch. Wish I had some arches. gimmie gimmie gimmie (sounding like a two yr old). :)

Good luck and paitence my friend.

Nej said...

@ Faith Ann - I'm not stressing about a specific finishing time for the half in May, that's for sure. I'll walk as much as I need to. (It's already paid for, and I'm stubborn.) :-)

C2Iowa said...

Nej - I have my first half on the same day as you. Mine is paid for as well - otherwise I most likely would not go. I am willing to say that you will have a great run; and you will finish in style ahead of me.

Stubborn is good.

Nej said...

@ C2 - the demons are like the little green guys on those mucus drug commercials. They've taken up residence, with no plans on leaving. I'm taking some Mucinex "of the mind" and kicking them out. Stat!!! :-)

Oh yeah, I have enough arches to lend you what you need, and still have high arches left over!!!! If you were to put paint on the bottom of my foot....the ball of my foot and my heel pad would not be connected by paint on the floor. It's crazy!!!

Nej said...

@ C2 - you're so sweet! When I was trained and ready, I finished my half in 2 hours 30 min 23 seconds. I'm not the speediest even at peak. I'll be at the back of the pack this May....but as for finishing in style, I'm going to give it my best! :-)

Faith Ann said...

There's the difference, I haven't paid for mine yet! I don't generally worry about my finishing time either (obviously).

I had some serious work issues come to light that will make training difficult (at best). I soooo wish I could forge ahead and do the half. I'm very disappointed to "settle" for the 10k :(

Aside from work, I fear that I'm having some ITB issues and I'm scared to increase my mileage very much. I must foam roll!!

Nej said...

@ Faith Ann - foam roll!!!!!! Catching it right when you first feel it is key I think. And not pushing it is a good plan. Doing a 10K and being healthy, physically and mentally, is worth it's weight in gold!!!

Anonymous said...

Nej. I don't want to scare you, but could it be stress fractures? I had one on the inside of my right leg. It is fairly common to have them on both legs at the same time. Have they done a bone scan or are the doctors convinced its only muscular? Best wishes and a speedy recovery!

Nej said...

@ Mike - the docs all seem very sure it's not...but believe me..its always on my mind. It's why I've been to two docs..a specialist....and three PT's. :) The muscle fibers in my legs get "trashed" and the massages "untangle"them....for lack of a better word. They know whats wrong....just not whats causing it. :(

Anonymous said...

Most people would just give up. Since you haven't I've no doubt you'll make it and get back to running like a madwoman in no time. You will kick butt!

Fran said...

I can understand your fear. I've had an injury once (got it at a Steps class, before I started running) and I remember how scared I was to start again.

Take it easy Nej, maybe do 3 runs instead of 4 these week. Build it up slowly. You've got plenty of time till May.

The Running Mama said...

I know all about 2 year old tantrums... In our house they started at 15 months! :-)

Be patient and take care of yourself. I ran my fastest half last year on minimal training because my body was just not feeling it. Good things will be bestowed on you by the running gods if you let them! :-)

J said...

I haven't run keeps getting in my way! I miss it! I will be able to run Friday and I am so looking forward to it! I could get up around 4 in the, maybe not!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Nej said...

@ Running Mama - 15 months! That's 9 months early, you poor thing! (giggle)

@ J - life can be pushy that way, can't it? I'm going out tomorrow morning....(fingers crossed). :-)

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Just checking to see if you are still participating in the Virtual 5k - ends Saturday.

Nej said...

@ Detroit - Hey Jeff!!! Yep, I'm running in a 5 mile race on Saturday and thought I'd combine the two. My shin splints have been acting up something fierce, so unfortunately, there hasn't been much running going on. I'll be back at it next week for sure. :-)