Wednesday, March 23, 2011

03/23/11: To Spring, or not to Spring....

My schedule called for a 4.5 mile run....I made it 4.1.


I nearly went home after a mile.....then, at 2 miles I did decide to call it. Although, it really didn't do much good at that point. No matter which route I took home, it was still going to be 2 more miles to get there. :-)

My cardiovascular health is good.....but my tight lower leg muscles are going to drive me slowly insane.

On my way back it started to mist or rain on me......or at least that's what I thought. I hit a dark stretch of road and needed to turn on my headlamp.

There, in the beam of my lamp, was snow! It got heavier as I ran...but by the time I got home it had stopped.

Yesterday, 70 degrees (F) and tornado warnings....this morning I get snowed on while I run.

Spring is kinda just never know what mother nature is going to throw at you. :-)

I'm trying to stay positive and not let disappointment creep in.

* Yes, the run today was horrible. I was sluggish, my legs hurts....blah, blah, blah.
* But, I did 8 miles this weekend without any issues, and could have kept going past the 8 miles if I needed to.

* Yes, my first half marathon of the year is 4 weeks (ish) away.
* But, I'm not out to PR. Heck, I could walk the whole thing if need be.

* Yes, I'm still having a hard time getting motivated to stick with a training schedule.
* But, it's only March....once things warm up (and stay warm)...and it gets lighter in the am....everything will be fine.

I only started doing this to get healthy and lose weight....and I've accomplished both of those things. Yes, I need to keep it up....and yes, I still have a ways to go....but I need to remember those things. Not that my pace today was 12 min/mile. Ugh! :-) :-) :-) :-)

4.1 miles, 11:57 overall average pace


Fran said...

Jen stick to the training plan, it will get better as you say. Especially when the weather is concerned. You are doing great and you will be great on your half.

A bad run is part of the training too, most of the times the next one is awesome!

You can do it, I believe you can!

Nej said...

@ Fran - thanks!!!!!!!

C2Iowa said...

Look at it this way -- things could be more challenging. Good thing that they are not. "bad" or sub-standard workouts happen. They are beneficial - they kepp you in check. The best thing that can be done is to have the memory of a professional sports person (short-term, when it comes to those types of experiences).

If you need to feel better - look at it like least I'm not in the same situation as C2Iowa!!!!

C2Iowa said...
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Faith Ann said...

It might not have been the best run, but you *did* it!! That's the battle!!

There's nothing wrong with throwing some walking in anyway. It's all good :)

I'm having a hard time sticking with my training plan too. I'm not sure why? Usually I'm super motivated to hit every workout on my calendar and that's not the case this year. I just don't seem that bothered by it!

Nej said...

@ C2 - nah, not in cyberspace...I turned on comment moderation and took off that annoying word verification. :-)

Short term running memory (on the bad runs at least). I think if I avoid stairs, I should be able to do it today. :-)

Mike said...

That means I should be expecting severe weather in a few hours. Most of my runs are not enjoyable at all, especially after a long day at work. Hang in there!

Anna P said...

(((HUGS))) We all have blah runs and they SUCK. but hopefully we have more good than bad. I hope your next run is STELLAR! Cant wait for some REAL Spring weather!!

Nej said...

@ Anna - I skipped my run today to let the legs heal a little. I wore compression sleeves all evening, and iced them really well. Have a deep tissue massage over lunch today. Stupid legs. :-) :-)

Nej said...

@ Mike - and it snowed on us a little more last night. :-)

chris mcpeake said...

Bad runs happen dont let it get you down to much another good run is just around the corner

Nej said...

@ Chris - thanks!!!! I ran on the hotel dreadmill yesterday, and a 9 miler outside today. Both went really well. Thank goodness! :-)

Nej said...

@ Faith Ann - I think the change is weather is really going to help me with sticking to the plan. I know I can finish this half on the 1st of May....probably not a PR, but a finish. And, I'm pretty sure it's going to jump start my fall full marathon training mentality. (at least, I hope it does) :-)