Sunday, March 27, 2011

03/27/11: Nueve, neuf, naoi, naw, negen, yhdeksän.....NINE!!!

I didn't run today until nearly 2 o'clock.

I'm usually a "get it over with before work, or early on the weekends" why did I wait so long?

Honestly, I might have been a little nervous about the run. My legs have been hurting pretty good.....and (as I said last week after my 8 mile run), this would be the longest I'd run since my half in October.

I put it off as long as I could....but I knew that I was going to end up talking myself out of it if I didn't go I changed and headed out the door before I could.

There was a 26 degree windchill (-3 C), a fairly stiff breeze (that kept changing directions), and every once and a while I could see the blue skies peeking through the cloud cover.

The first three miles were pretty painful. I stopped multiple times along the way to stretch my tight lower legs. But after those first three were done, the final six felt really good. My pace did nothing but did my attitude and my smile.

I'm sure most of the people I met along the route thought I was nuts...running along with a big ol' cheesy grin.

Oh well. :-)

9.01 miles, 11:01 overall average pace


The Running Mama said...

great run! i am impressed by your numero 9 mad language skills! btw, i just finished the last hunger games book... all i can say is wow!

Nej said...

@ Running Mama - I just started one of the last Stephen King books I hven't read...then I'll be starting in on authors I've never read before. Your "wow" is making me put those at the top to check them out. :-)

C2Iowa said...

Well done. Next distance? Cake

Nej said...

@ C2 - 10 this weekend. :-)

Fran said...

YOU DID IT! I'm proud of you Jen!

We are so alike, this is exactly who I am:

"get it over with before work, or early on the weekends" runner

In fact I didn't run this morning due to circumstances and had to do it this afternoon and I didn't. I just can't anymore it seems. So it's back to morning runs before work, that makes me happy.

Fran said...

By the way, was happy to see you used the Dutch word for Nine :)

Nej said...

@ Fran - When I first starting working out (regularly - a few years ago), I tried going after work. But things would always come up. Friends would call, hubby would make plans for us....or I just plain didn't feel like going. Lots of excuses....and I never went. When I started going in the morning, I found there weren't many excuses I could use. We don't have people wanting to meet for dinner or drinks at 5am. (hehehehehe) I very nearly didn't go on Sunday, I kept putting it off, and putting it off. I think my half on the 1st of May is keeping me honest. :-)

Nej said...

@ Fran - I made SURE I threw that one in, just for you! :-)

Fran said...

You're too sweet :)

When I started running (tomorrow 2 years ago) I did run after work but as I was following a Dutch version of C25K it wasn't more than 15 minutes in the beginning.

But these days I prefer the morning for the same reasons you mention. Besides that it gives you energy the entire days once you are used to running in the mornings. And I have more time and energy to walk with Bella after dinner.