Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm still here.....

I've been out of town (and the country) for work this week.

The hotel I stay at upgraded their fitness center....and it's amazing!!

I only used it once.


One day I just couldn't convince myself to run (I've got a sinus infection)....and one day I hit "dismiss" on my phone alarm clock, instead of "snooze."


I woke up with minutes to throw some clothes on, grab my bags and head for the airport.

Does running around my hotel room and then running later that day trying to make flight connections (thank you mother nature - you've proved that people in Southern Texas have NO IDEA what to do when there's ice or snow on the ground) count towards my training schedule??

Probably not.

Although there was added difficulty when you take into account the carry on luggage I was lugging around with me. :-)

I'm back at it tomorrow. No more fried foods at airport more endless packets of 100 calorie snacks eaten when stuck on an airplane for hours at a time waiting for the weather to clear, the de-icer to be found, or the connecting passengers to more hotel room service (mmmmmm.......greasy burgers).

Plus, I've had this sinus infection for two weeks, and I am STARVING when I'm sick.

You're supposed to feed a cold, right??? :-)

So, starting's back to being somewhat good. I'll reintroduce myself with the gym, the treadmill, the weights, my screw shoes and the ice and snow outside........the yoga and spin classes...all of it.

And (gulp) maybe even start thinking about getting in that pool and learning how to swim...for reals. I mean, I can keep myself alive in the water....but I wouldn't call it swimming.

Might even take myself some of them o-fic-ial lessons. A-yup.


Have a great weekend everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fran said...

Glad to have you back Nej!

I'm just wondering. I read on a lot of blogs people can't swim. Don't you learn that as a child? Here everybody gets swimming lessons when they are about 4 years old. I did too and was a very good swimmer as a kid. You never forget it so I'm still a good swimmer, I just don't do it anymore.

Anna P said...

Glad you're back! Hope you feel better soon. We got some junky crud going on here too. Thankfully it has only affected the ones in this house under 5' and I HAPPEN to be 2" taller then that. =)
But the rattle in my chest today tells me that bar may be lifted....

To Fran: I'm 32 and never took swimming lessons. If you dropped me in the deep end, I MIGHT be able to dog paddle my way to the edge but I cant tread water to save my LIFE! I am a bit terrified of water deeper than 4' =)

Nej said...

@ Fran - nope, not a required thing around here. My dad's a really good swimmer, so he'd be bummed if he heard me say I can't really swim. I can keep myself alive in the water.....but probably not for long (time or distance). :-)

@ Anna - Sinus infection = gone. Stomach flu = has taken it's place. (I'm sure I caught it on of the planes last one I know has it.)

Was out of commission all weekend...but did go to the gym today for some weights. Kinda nervous about running tomorrow...but we shall see how it goes. :-) Missed the Chiller Challenge 8K on Sunday, was pretty bummed.